Wordless Wednesday: After heavy rain and snow.

15 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: After heavy rain and snow.”

  1. Pragtige foto’s

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  2. Lovely colours in the sky. It changes so quickly but I could sit and look at that show for quite some time.


    1. It was again one of those evenings that I had to take photos and watch the sky darken.


      1. Do you find that watching it is calming?


    2. I tend to do that ,too

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      1. Hi Appeltjie! [Waving]

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  3. Klink of die winter behoorlik sy kloue ingeslaan het daar by julle!?


    1. Ja, goed sneeu op heuwels gewees wat nie elke jaar gebeur nie.

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  4. We have had some wild weather, haven’t we! Your photos of it came out well.


    1. I agree and it took long before clearing again. Thanks, it was one of those awesome sunsets.

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  5. Wonderful colours scrapy 🙂 🙂


    1. It was again, could not resist taking photos.

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