Creative writing: Why is it…?

Why is it…? 1/07/2021

Why is it that some individuals ever know better and again put pressure on others to perform the same as them?

The preceding week, the weather was hectic. Rain, sleet and more rain. I have no issues when the weather is like this because I accept it. I can’t do anything about it. Winter is wet and icy cold in New Zealand. I come from South Africa, from a part of the country with subtropical weather. Sometimes there could be heavy frost at dawns, but then later the day, the weather is just perfect. Limpopo, where I lived for many years, has summer rain with well-known thunderstorms. In New Zealand, we have winter rain, the same as the southern part of the Cape province.

Getting back to my question of why some people know better. On Monday warnings came out that the weather was going to turn to custard at high tide on Tuesday. High swells of six-meter or higher were predicted. 

On Tuesday the weather kicked in at full force. Inhabitants of the houses next to the sea were requested to evacuate their properties. Some individuals thought better and didn’t leave their homes. The road was closed and law enforcement was on the lookout for characters who third their luck.

Those people who remained in their homes are the ones who always know better. Why do they need to put the rescue people’s lives in jeopardy? Those people compromise their lives to save them because they know better. After the weather cleared a bit and families could go back to their abundant houses, those who stayed were saying: “The storm wasn’t that bad. The swells didn’t reach the driveway like the last storm.” 

Now again I ask myself: Why are some people so determent not to react to the information that people know more about than them?

It is the same with staying clear from getting infected by Covid. Some people just don’t care as long as they can name the authority, council or someone else for making the incorrect decisions. If they know all so well, why are they not in parliament or on the council and try their luck there? 

10 responses to “Creative writing: Why is it…?”

  1. It is because everyone has a spirit of entitlement. Since Human rights were so blown up everyone feels that it is “my human right” . Regardless of what is law or safe…..abd it is getting worse by the day.


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