100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups no 164


the prompt is:

… Noah looked worried…

Noah the the champion axe man. Ball of muscles and strong as an ox. He was used to winning. He loved winning.

Tomorrow would be the last year he could compete in the championships. Reading the newspaper made Noah think about his life.

The heading read:     Noah junior is better than his father!

… Noah looked worried…

How could they predict that? Did he really look like giving up his act ?

Tomorrow would be the make or break of his victories of the past years. He would not let go easily. Victory would be sweet.


100 Word Challenge for Grown ups – Week 162 : Puff the magic Dragon.

Today’s 100 Word Challenge is about the following photo and what it brings to mind

100 WCGU #162

As a year one teacher I loved to do songs,rhymes and poems. Seeing these 4 bears going for the Teddy Bears Picnic, I thought back to Puff the Magic Dragon. It teaches children the love for animals, life and fantasy. Fantasy is important in a young child’s life. They need to have an opportunity to play. That is why rhymes and songs help. They usually repeat the same thing over and over again in these songs, which helps with vocabulary. To act these songs is also relaxing and calming. Portraying fantasies makes them experience real situations.


100 Words Challenge For Grown Ups- Week 155



The prompt for this week is:

… as time passes…

“Impossible,” Mable thought.

“I can’t believe this. The old woman in the pawn shop said last week: Look out for the mark on your face because it will change…. as time passes… you will see the difference!”

I hate the woman because now I have this mark of the devil on my face. I can’t wash or scrub it off. It grows bigger and bigger!

Mable got so angry she grabbed a knife to carve it away. Then she remembered the words again:” ….as time passes… you will heal again”

100 Word Challenge – 154



the prompt this week

… please let me sleep…

What a night Pam thought.

After going to bed last night she heard something moving around her flat. Out of bed, into nightgown. Only a cat! Back to bed.

Twelve o’clock, the fire alarm went off. Out of bed, into nightgown, outdoors. Nothing! Back to bed. Fall asleep.

Three o’clock, rocks landing on the roof. Out of bed, into nightgown, outside. Nobody! Back to bed. Try to sleep. None!

Six o’clock, wake up get dressed, breakfast, off to work!

Nooooo………. please let me sleep….

PINK : 100 Word Challenge for grown ups and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

First my writing for the 100 word challenge  next my photos for PINK



100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#15o

Pink is the colour that is shown everywhere when it is Breast cancer month.

All kinds of activities take place to collect funds and awareness of cancer.

Street collections, cutting off all your hair, wearing pink ribbons, many more.

While in South Africa I attended “Scrapbooking for Hope” in Johannesburg. I  have done it 3 times. All the funds inned goes to Cancer Society.

The first one I attended was an eye opener. There were famous speakers as well as bikers who cruised through Africa to collect money and tell their stories of hope.

I have taken some pink photos!(99 words)

My pink photos

Scrap book album I made at first

Scrap for Hope in South Africa

Scrap for Hope
Scrap for Hope

Two pages from my album

I also made a

Pink album for my two sweet girls

Nancy and Megan


Megan front, Nancy back
Megan front, Nancy back


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week 150 : Lonely bench


Jack, Anne and Spock returned home after a lovely exotic island  holiday.

Every moment was perfect. Anne overthought her life and what she wanted to do next. Jack had the opportunity to get to know Anne better. Spock loved all the luxury of an own bed, food served every day. His hair was now shiny and clean.

All three friends were happy and loved each other.

After arriving home Anne decided to go to the place where she tried to take her own life. She sat for a while on the lonely bench reminiscing the past weeks. She felt very content and happy.

April 100 Word challenge for grown ups week 149



This week’s prompt is:




Heerlike tyd van die jaar


kleure baljaar


Geel tot

oranje en bruin

rooi getooi

elke boom


Die goeie Vader


elke jaar

dieselfde tyd

kleur die wêreld in kleure


geel tot

oranje en bruin,


elke boom


Alles genade



Heerlike tyd van die jaar


kleure baljaar.





Lovely time of year


rampaging colors appear


yellow to

orange and


every tree


The good Father


every year at

the same time

color the world in colors


yellow to

orange and brown,


every tree


Everything graceful



Glorious time of year


rampaging colors return

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#148



All three together.

Jack a passer by. Anne the freile model.

And then Spock the rescue dog!

These three were intertwined in a real life drama.

Anne, very lonely and depressed, decided to take her own life. She had a perfect modeling career. Everything was too much. Taking of her shoes, she gave them to Jack who was passing by at that moment. She jumped on and over the rail into the deep black water.  Spock who was also roaming around jumped the fence. He grabbed Anne, brought her to the side where Jack was  ready to pull her out.


For more information on this writing visit : https://jfb57.wordpress.com/2015/04/13/100-word-challenge-for-grown-ups-week148-2/

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week 173

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#173


So, the prompt this time is:

…and so it begins…

A new life for Coco, his daughter and grandson.

Josefine, Coco’s only daughter had been looking for her father since her mother had passed away. Her mother only knew her father’s stage name : COCO.

When the circus came to town last week they advertised :

Come and see COCO the well known clown.

The name triggered many thoughts. Josefine booked seats for her and her son in the front row.

At the performance Chris her son kept on calling: Gra-pa, Gra-pa!

So it happened after the show, Josefine and Chris met their long missed father and grandpa.

100 Word Challenge for grown ups – week 171

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#171

Sally, standing outside her bedroom window, listening.

Naughty young lady! Her parents forbid her to go out and meet her lover, a  much older  young  man. Sally is only a schoolgirl. She hates her parents for this.

She decided that she really had to meet Mick. She had a secret to tell him.

Quietly she walked away. In town she went to their favourite bench in one of the side streets. In amazement she stood still. On their bench were the three monkeys showing her “see, hear, speak no evil”. Impossible nobody knows!

100 words.