Day 15 : LAUGH – 31 Days of FMFW

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Day 15


Laughing is the best and cheapest medication on earth. Happy people are healthy people.

Every Wednesday I go to the Mayfair Cafe for a cup of tea with some dear friends. We talk about all that is happening in our lives. Usually when we have exchanged the problems and illnesses we move on and talk about things that are light hearted and make us laugh. There is always one who would start laughing and the next is that we are all joining in the fun.

I sometimes laugh out loud when I see my dog Trompie and his girlfriend Molly playing. I am at my son’s place looking after their two Yorkies and Trompie. Every morning when I open up the two Yorkies they rush into the bedroom looking for their Human parents. Then the playing starts. Molly is a real jack in the box. Up and down, on and off the bed. Sometimes she even stands on her head. Trompie is usually right behind her. She also love to jump on top of Trompie.

This whole playing episode each morning makes me laugh every time they do it.

Without laughter life would be a pain and very dull. Keep on laughing and enjoy life!

Day 14: Fly – 31 Days of FMFW

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Day 14


Fly me to the moon came up as soon as I wrote the key word fly. I feel like flying in the breeze of excitement. The weather is better today after yesterday’s cold wind and some heavy showers during the day. My ebook is live again and I am going to give it away for free to promote it. The idea makes me fly, just thinking that I have done it all on my own. My friends at the Mayfair where I have a cup of tea every Wednesday made me feel happy and free to have friends like that who support me. We are members of Upper Hutt Time Bank and are a lovely group together every week. They flew with me on this book journey, which I really appreciate.

Something that makes me feel as if I can fly is that I enrolled in a six week course of writing short stories. It starts next Wednesday and I am looking forward to meet same minded people. I feel to fly to the moon now!

Day 13: Patience 31 Days of FMFW

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Day 13


Being busy writing and editing every day is very time consuming. The last 3 months I had to be very patience with myself at times.  I had to read and read and read again every time I wanted to do something before I could publish my e-book. First I had to read and edit my pieces of writing. Then I had to give it to friends to proofread. The first two were quick to give it back to me. I changed the parts. Then I gave the manuscript to a friend who has done proof reading. I had to be patience because she really went through all. It took long before I got half of the manuscript back. In the meantime I started my cover. To edit the photo did not take much but to put the wording on was also a job of patience. Then it worked and then I didn’t know how to save it. Back to the drawing board again. I changed my program and it worked. After putting it on Amazon and used their program the name and author was just printed over my wording. Sigh! Cleaning it up took a lot more patience. I am not totally happy with the book yet but I will get there with lots of more patience.

New cover!

31 days of five minutes free writes : Day 12 : Storm

I missed out on day 8 – 11 because there just wasn’t enough time to sit in front of my PC and do some writing. Maybe I’ll catch up later but at the moment I am going to try and do the rest till the end of October.

Day 12


The last 3 weeks was like a never ending storm to me. I first finished of my e-book and published it. In the meantime I had to do some packing stuff for my son. He had to explain and show everything from scratch. I also had to practice doing the packing on my own too. Then there was the last information on how to print out the labels and sending it off. Al these things were new to me and it felt like me being in an everlasting thunderstorm.

I also had to do some driving lessons in my son’s electronic car. I had to take them to the airport in his car. All very stormy I have to say.

My nerves were stretched to the point of nearly breaking down. Lucky for me I have a very patience son and he calmed my inner storm at the end by walking with me to pay for the parking, showed where we had parked the car and also the way to drive out of the airport.

Glad that I survived this storm and now I can relax for 3 weeks.

Day 7: LOVE : 31 days of FMFW

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Day 7


Love is something we all yearn for. When you really love it feels as if you can burst open from it. Receiving love opens the way to giving love back and vise versa.

When I met my husband I knew he was the only love in my life. For a year it was only the two of us. The love between husband and wife is wonderful to experience When my son was born another kind of love opened in me. That was the love not only of a mother but also of a parent.

Love made my life strong and complete the 13 years of my marriage. When my husband committed suicide it did not kill my love for him. Till today I still feel some love for him although our lifes parted in death.

To me love is very precious. I can not easily show my love but hope that people feel that I love them by acting lovingly.

My dog Trompie is the love of my life at the moment. He gives me unconditional love back every moment of the day.

Thanks to Trompie and my son who I know love me for what I am.

Day 6 : POSSIBLE : 31 Days of FMFW

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Day 6


(reminder: this is five minutes free writing. No correction made!)

If you believe anything is possible.

Sometimes as soon as I doubt that I can’t do it I do not even think about it that there could be a possibility that it could work.

Believing makes it possible to succeed.  Most  important thing is  to keep thinking positive.

I would never have thought that it could be possible to make a new start in a strange country at my age. After about 55 years I had to pull up my roots and move.

If it had not been for my son’s support it also would not  have been possible to make the change. He sponsored me because of my age  I could not get into the workforce and also not a work permit.

There was still a possibility to survive although it was very hard money wise to make ends meet at first.

We thought of some possible ways to get me some extra income. First I had a family member as border which did not work out. I applied for an international student. Having her for a full year made it possible for me to survive better. This year I put an advertisement out for a border. Possibility was there to get a good one. It also happened that I found a border for a whole year. It is also possible that his contract gets extended for another few months more after his contract ends in February next year!

Day 5 : HOME ;: 31 days of FMFW

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Day 5


Home is where my heart is.

I love my own place. It has everything I need to keep me happy. I never was an outgoing person. My Home was always since I can remember the best place to be. My best home was after my wedding in 1980 to live in a “park home”. It was small but still big enough to have three bedrooms, bathroom and open plan kitchen lounge.  It was also fully furnished. We had to store all my belongings from my flat in the two empty bedrooms. The door was so small to get the furniture in we had to use the window which was a bit wider!

Today I have only basic things in my unit. They are all second hand. New furniture is to expensive. I still love my own home best, no matter how it looks.

It is my safe haven and I enjoy every moment being here.  


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Day 4 : EMBRACE 31 days FMFW

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Day 4.


Embrace the moment it is precious. This morning I had to go to my son and daughter-in-law to get some information ready. I am starting to help with distributing my son’s small business components. I walked with my dog Trompie to their home. It is about 35 minutes walk from my place. I embraced the opportunity to still walk that far. The wind was blowing about 130 km p hour. It was half  an hour to remember, wind, Trompie pulling, my hip hurting – still it was wonderful to can walk.

I also embraced the time I could be together with my children. We also went out yesterday afternoon to celebrate my ebook and the first one sold.

It is important to gather all these moments and embrace them for days to come.

Day 3 : Capture 31 days of FMFW

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Day 3


To be a photographer you need an eye for anything that would look good in a photo. Capturing the perfect picture is important. If you move or shake to much you won’t capture a perfect photo.

The best time to get the best photos is during the golden hour. Early mornings just before or at sunrise or in the afternoon before the sun sets or just after it.

It is as if the photo has a soft golden look if you capture it at the right time.

Something important to remember when photographing animals and people is in the act. Capturing in the act situations is worth a life time.

31 days of five minutes Free Writing: Day 2: Excitement

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Friday five minute free write

I started writing Flash Fiction in January. After writing many of these short pieces I decided to try my hand at putting them together into an e-book. The construction and putting it together was not an easy task. At first I had to ask some Tim Bank friends to proofread the pieces. They helped me immensely. My english isn’t that good at times because it is not my home tongue.

I did a lot of reading on how to publish an e-book. The changing of font, spaces ,headings were all new things to me. Formatting the whole book was a big job. I even did my own cover.

Well, I am proud of myself.

My book went live on October 1 and I have already sold one copy .

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