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  • Birthday party at Staglands.

    Amelia’s birthday was on July 15, but her big party was on July 23. I had to hold the birthday cake on my lap because the road to Staglands is narrow and full of twists and turns, hills up and down. The children enjoyed walking around and feeding the animals. Some animals at Staglands. Opening […]


  • Lovely day and three paintings.

    Now that we are in lockdown up to Tuesday I had a good time doing some water color painting. I started off with the Bear, while waiting for it to dry, I painted two kitties. When the bear was dry I finished it off. In the meantime Mr. Fox was still waiting to get his […]

  • Creative Writing: A Play

    A Back yard play    (I wrote the next piece on Friday, October 30, 2015) We are all actors in our own right. Each day has its own plays and performances. Without the players, there can be no scenes or performances.  Today I feel like presenting my own scene to you. Three weeks of living […]

  • A photo a week: Motion

    For rules please visit Nadia at: MOTION Trompie and a Weta. The Weta kept on clicking his mandibles and kicking his hind legs in the air. Trompie didn’t like the feelers tickling his moustache.

  • ‘n Storie: Goue vroue skryf

    Die wêreld verander teen ‘n vinnige spoed, ons kleinkinders word met ‘n selfoon en tablet in die hande groot. Hulle draai ‘n kraan oop, kry lopende water, sit ‘n skakelaar aan en daar is elektrisiteit. Sit ‘n TV aan en kyk ‘n storie. En dink selfs oumas is, soos Steve Hofmeyr oor spoke sing, so […]

  • Squares-up

    Trompie, looking up at me asking: “What are you doing?” Visit BekyB at

  • Wordless Wednesday: Dragon?

  • Lens-Artists Challenge#123 Neighbourhood.

    Lens-Artists Challenge #123 – Found in the Neighborhood LEYA says: Neighborhood – this might just mean taking a photo from the kitchen or office window, but, macro possibilities are obvious as well – a tiny neighbourhood with many new surprises Pony cart passing in the street. Upper Hutt New Zealand. Photo taken from my deck, […]

  • Mickey the “wild” goat lamb.

    Mickey is a wild goat. She lost her goat mum and ran along with some sheep on a farm. The farmers usually gather their sheep when there are lambs. At times there would be some wild goats between the ewes and their lambs. This happened to Mickey. My friend adopted this goat and reared it […]

  • Two dogs on a farm

    This weekend was special for Trompie. He made a real friend and loved every moment of it. It all started with playing with some toys and then an old bone. There were a few old bones on the lawn when we arrived and Trompie picked one to chew on. Diego was rough in his actions. […]

  • In the Moment 6: On the farm 2

    Meeting Diëgo and Mickey the goat. Bea came to visit me on the farm on Saturday. She got a bit of a fright when she met Diego the sheepdog. Diego was too friendly and nearly pushed her over. Bea started yelling and crying. Trompie helped Diego by barking at Bea too. Not good at all. […]

  • In the moment:On the farm 1