Three Things Challenge #122

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Words for no 122


My dog Trompie loves to go to the vet. He has some health issues and needs to visit regularly. He also knows where the bag with treats is after he has seen the vet. Behind the poster that says: You are a good dog!

No wonder he enjoys visiting his doctor.

Hecktiek week for Trompie.



Some weeks ago I noticed blood in Trompie’s urine. The Vet gave some antibiotics which did not work. Last week Trompie showed that he felt uncomfortable. He kept on licking and looking back at his bum. I made an appointment for Tuesday to take X-rays.

The result was: He had a whole bunch of bladder stones. Trompie stayed for the night because the doctor wanted to operate and take the stones out.

Everything went well. I picked him up this morning. He is still feeling dizzy and sleepy but I’m glad it’s done.

Bladder stones

Bladder stones are a collection of minerals and other materials. Most bladder stones in dogs are made from struvite, calcium oxalate, urate, or cystine crystals. … This is because they are formulated to make the dog produce more acidic urine than they would otherwise in order to break down the stone.

Memoirs: Superpower

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Superpower is a new term for our modern times. These powers could be people with iron hands, flying people, people who are robots and what else!

My “superpower” lies in my natural consciousness of winning people over. I first would watch the cat in the tree before I would jump in and help it.

Some examples:

While still in school my parents started farming with Saanen milk goats. I began my own stud while still studying. My first two ewes/nanny goats were two wild as could be goats. Fresh from the field. Never been handled by humans.

Image result for goats drawings

We lived near Pretoria on a smallholding. My Dad bought me two ewes from a farmer near Britstown. We had to go and pick them up, about a thousand kilometres from us. It was a good outing. We slept halfway and one night in Britstown, then straight back because we had the two animals in the back the UV.

The farmer brought the two ewes/nannies from the field the day before we arrived and locked them in the barn. When we had to load them,  there was no way that the two would let us catch them. My “superpower” kicked in and I approached them slowly. I talked placately to them. In the end, they came to me on their own, and I could hold them one by one so that they could be picked up and put into the back of the UV. The farmer couldn’t believe his eyes!

Image result for rottweiler dogs drawings

The next was when I was looking for a house to buy.  The realtor agent and I got out of her vehicle. She warned: “Do n’t go in the back. There are two dogs.” She had made an appointment to meet with the owners ahead of time. They were not at home.

“We could just peek over the fence between back and front.” We did. We moved still in the front to the other side of the house.

Guess what appeared around the corner? A huge Rottweiler. He made no sound. Just walked and stood at the front door. Then all hell broke loose when we dared to go further. Dog number two stormed around corner barking feverishly.

The first dog also came menacingly closer.

The agent who was standing behind me made a beeline out the gate. I quietly stood still with my handbag as protection in front of me. As soon as I moved the dogs came closer growling. When I stopped, they’ll stop too.

The agent kept on: “Ineke, get out. Run! “

NO WAY, my  ‘super feeling’ said:” Run, and they will grab me.”

Inch by inch, I moved backwards. Each time calming the dogs.

It was a relief when I stood outside the gate, and the two were barking at us from behind the closed gate.

Afterwards, I was grateful that there had been no holes or bumps along the escape route. Can you imagine what could have happened?

Image result for child afraid drawing

Then in today’s world, I deal with five-year-old children who don’t want to be at school, let alone early in the morning before school and afternoons too.

Sometimes, especially in the beginning, my “superpower” won’t kick in. I have to hold the child and speak in an angry voice: Don’t run after your dad or don’t go outside.

My last one at the moment is a little girl of five. She clung to her father and hiding behind him. I could see in her eyes how frightened she was. To make a long story short. My superpower won at the end. I’ve got her in my bag(pocket). She even now runs from the gate to me. Not even waving goodbye to her father. The first she’ll grab an iPad. I have to sit next to her and help her choose the right letters to make words. I have a terrible finger which frequently wants to type the wrong answers. Then it comes from her:”Naughty finger! Don’t you dare!”  She would chase him away and keep an eye on it so that it can’t be naughty again.

My Super strength is definitely in Courage, Cheerfulness and calmness of spirit.

Lê-Jou-Eier: Gee en Ontvang



Om te gee is volgens my ondervinding baie makliker as om te ontvang. My idee, as ek gee, is nie om iets terug te ontvang nie. Ek doen die gee uit eie wil, liefde en oorgawe.
Ek het twee weke terug, vir vier weke, n dame se huis en ou Boarder Collie opgepas. Meestal gaan dit daaroor dat die huis nie leeg staan nie, en ook dat die honde(diere) nie ten duurste in n honde-hotel hoef te bly nie. Ek vra n klein bedraggie per dag om die diere te versorg. Die versorging gaan gepaard met vrywillige liefde en aandag wat ek hul gee. Die diere neem meestal n dag of twee en hul eet, soos die spreekwoordelike, uit my hand en vertrou my ten volle. Hul gee dan natuurlik ook al hul liefde vir my.
Hierdie keer se oppas was nogal moeilik. Dit het baie van my gevra om die sestienjarige hond te versorg. Die weer het ook nie saam gespeel nie.Dit was koud en nat. Tog het ek alles gegee wat ek kon om die dier gemaklik te maak. Sy het op die einde my ook gevolg, waar ek ook al gaan. As sy my skielik raaksien buite, sal sy op n drafstappie naderkom. Stertswaaiend haar neus onder my hand sit om te wys sy is bly om my te sien,of asof sy sê: “Aaa, hier is jy. Bly om jou te sien.”
Dit is vir my lekker om alles vir diere te gee. Hul gee so veel aan jou terug.
Die dame van die huis het my betaal toe sy teruggekom het. So n dag of wat later stuur sy n boodskap en vra of ek sal omgee as sy my nog geld gee vir die oppas. Sy was so tevrede en gelukkig met wat ek gedoen het dat sy voel om my nog meer te vergoed. Ek het haar gesê as sy so voel kan sy maar. Ek het ook gesê dat die liefde wat Meggie vir my gegee het vir my meer as genoeg.
Hierdie episode wys dat as mens met liefde gee, ontvang mens dubbeld terug.
Ek kan van verskillende geleenthede vertel van waar ek gegee het en waar daar uit die bloute ontvang kan word ook.

Om die inskrywings van verskillende bloggers in Lê-Jou-Eier te geniet of om self ‘n eier te kom lê wat ons kan uitbroei en grootmaak, kliek op die volgende InLinkz skakel:

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Against the odds: The Daily Post: Photo Challenge

Meaning: If you do something against all odds, or against all the odds, you do it even though there were many problems and it didn’t seem possible to do. For example: He had a serious accident and was close to death but, against all odds, he recovered and now he’s fine.

Against the Odds

An unexpected victory? A snapshot of an unlikely moment? This week, show us something that defies the odds.

My dog Trompie thought that he was going to be attacked by this colourful cockerel.

Stretching his neck and creeping nearer the cock against all odds did not move!



House sitting: Animals

Not only frogs to tend but also ten hens and a cockerel.

The chicken coop was about five hundred or more meters from the homestead.

Every afternoon Trompie and I had to feed the chicks.

I collected eggs…

six to nine per day!


The chickens were very human-friendly.

They did not know anything about Trompie dangers.

One morning I took some photos of the building.

Trompie was roaming around, off the lead, for sheep poo.

Suddenly I saw the girls coming to me from the coop’s side.


Trompie suddenly saw them…


He charged. I jumped in his way:

“You don’t, you hear me!”

He stopped dead in the run.

We turned around and walked the other way, ignoring the chicks.


They kept following us.

I let them pass and they went around the corner of the building.

Trompie and I turned around and went home the other way.

Trompie was very good in listening to me.

I am very proud of him.

Meeting a new lady friend.

When my mum takes photos, she puts the end of my lead under her one foot, so I can’t escape or go too far away from her.

Once again, she was busy taking this photo


when a new girly came along. I was excited and pulled, next thing the lead was coming my way, and I could run to greet this lovely lady. At first, she wanted to snap at me, but I knew how to handle this type of behaviour!


Whoof I had a good sniff at the end


Local: The Daily post: Photo challenge

“Home” is more than where we sleep at night. It is a place that is familiar and comforting, and it gives us a sense of belonging. Home is what and who is local — the places and people we know by heart.- says Jen H at WordPress

Tuesday morning

Awesome sunrise!

This is where my home is in Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

In the middle in the background my unit, my home

Then the one and only buddy. At home on my chair.


I see you!

Home is where the heart is