Early birthday

Family photo
Deep in thought.
Little bee
Playing the piano
The barn birthday cake

Today was Bea’s early birthday celebration. The theme was in the Barn! There was a jumping castle but the weather wasn’t good. It rained. As soon as it stopped a bit the children were jumping. Dad had to go with Bea because it was a bit unstable for a little girl. Dad went in with his clothes and got soaking wet. They all had a feast.

Swimming lesson

Two weeks back Bea didn’t have a good lesson. I think it is boring being “forced” to do what Dad says.

Bea thought it was the best thing to open her mouth wide and take mouths full of water, swallowing it. End result – she was sick in the car!



Read me a story!

Sunday Bea and her parents visited the sick Ouma. It was the first time that Bea came into my lounge and discovered her own shelve with her BOOKS. She enjoyed running from the shelve to one of us showing the books. Then it was time for reading. She picked up a book, jumped on her mum’s lap and started paging while mum tried reading.


The photos are not very clear because Bea kept on moving and wiggling.

Bea visits Ouma!

Bea visited me this morning. It was the first time since they moved out of this house. She still could not really walk around when they moved. Today she first walked with her mum, to see the cows across the road.


She came inside and had a look outside on the deck while her parents looked around.

Time to go home and she did not really want to go. She went back, going up the three steps, onto the deck and then jumping off into Daddies’ arms.

Baby Talk now Toddler Talk: Baby Sitting and shopping

Today was again a

Baby Sitting



Drink after lunch

Putting on my shoes.

And my “shades”

Ready to go shopping.


We had a good time

Ouma and I

Follow my leader between the rows of shelves.


Pushing my own trolley!

Baby Talk: Two days of babysitting.

Ouma, I had a lovely time this week-end!


Watching TV

Handling my bag!

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Colouring in.

Picking flowers in the wet garden.

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Sooooo tired after a busy morning.