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  • Last on the card January 2021

    Last on the Card January 2021 Not the best photo but the smiles are there.

  • Square – up

  • Baby Talk: Amelia and Bea

    Only five days to go and Beatrix is going to be FOUR! Amelia five months.

  • Amelia

    Amelia gave my a sweet smile on Thursday morning.

  • Amelia nearly three months.

    Usually Amelia gives me a smile but today she was just relaxing in mum’s arms.

  • A special little smile.

    Today wasn’t the best day. First there was a power outage 6-7 am; my time to get ready to take Bea to the Kindy. No light, no warm shower, no cup of tea. I slept in until eight which isn’t good for my body and mind. Could not get started with anything today. Then the […]


  • Amelia born 15/07/2020

  • A Photo a Week Challenge: Sleeping IN A NEW POST CREATED FOR THIS CHALLENGE, SHARE A PHOTO OR TWO (OR THREE OR…) OF PEOPLE OR ANIMALS THAT ARE ASLEEP. Everyone is welcome to participate, even if your blog isn’t about photography. Beatrix December 2016- January 2017

  • Early birthday

    Today was Bea’s early birthday celebration. The theme was in the Barn! There was a jumping castle but the weather wasn’t good. It rained. As soon as it stopped a bit the children were jumping. Dad had to go with Bea because it was a bit unstable for a little girl. Dad went in with […]

  • Swimming lesson

    Two weeks back Bea didn’t have a good lesson. I think it is boring being “forced” to do what Dad says. Bea thought it was the best thing to open her mouth wide and take mouths full of water, swallowing it. End result – she was sick in the car!  

  • Ain’t she sweet?

      After finishing her lunch! Drinking her milk with a stainless steel straw.

  • Baby Talk: Baby sitting

    A cold and windy morning. We played and watched some Piggy movies.   Bea was tired but, no time to rest! Buzy bee all the way!