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  • Through my window: Snow?

    Last night was stormy with wind gusts over 100km an hour. Heavy showers on and off. Early morning there was silence. I got out of bed, opened the curtain, and this is what I saw. From the main house looking at the same bed and hills. I took Beatrix to school on foot. Flurries of […]


  • Grandmother/mother’s day photo.

  • Eyes.

    Yesterday Beatrix decided to draw some faces. Look at the eyes! She mastered the way of drawing different expressions by drawing the eyes differently. She made a card for me and these faces were inside. I didn’t show or tell her anything she did it all on her own. I’m very proud of her and […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Art

  • Holiday adventures with grandchildren.

    Amelia on her way to the Paradise ducks who were swimming in the cow’s drinking trough. Luigi and Molly tired after their visit to the Wild West(farm). It’s the school holidays; Bea built this jig saw puzzle. Some of her paintings. She keeps herself busy drawing, painting and watching TV. Today we went to the […]

  • Food for caterpillar.

    Beatrix decided to at first pick some green leaves as food for her imaginary caterpillars. After a while, she wasn’t happy with the idea. She made the following arrangement for the caterpillars instead.

  • Beatrix first school year started.

    In the school’s first newsletter.

  • Party at the kids pool

    Saturday 18 December 2021 Beatrix had her birthday party at the kid’s pool. Amelia had lots of fun too!

  • Grandchildren came to visit.

    While the dinner is in the oven the two girls enjoyed themselves. Amelia a year and a half enjoying a ride on the wooden horse.

  • Silent Sunday: Sisters

  • Eating choc chip cookies.

    I am picking Beatrix up at one o’clock to take her home. Yesterday Daisy, the chef, had baked fresh chock chip cookies. She offered me one and one for Bea too. I had to put Bea’s socks and shoes on first because the concrete is very hot that time of day. We ate our cookies […]

  • Playtime at Ouma’s place.

    I had a little visitor. She had a good time playing with her “Ouma’s” toys. Dressing her magnetic doll and visiting the people on her farm. Then Bea ate an ice lolly and wet her lovely pink dress. We had to look for something to wear while the dress dried in the sun. We picked […]