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  • Creative WRITING: Using descriptions about sound.

    Lesson four was to use descriptive words for sound. Nighttime and early morning on the farm. Night time on the farm. The Birds finish their day’s work by singing their last songs before darkness falls. People rush home from work. Some high-pitched or low-pitched vehicle sounds depend on how slow or fast they move on […]


  • Birds and Beatrix.

  • Through my room window: Spring

  • Silent Sunday: White Cockatoo.

  • Watercolour painting: Snow hare and black raven.

  • Silent Sunday: Friendship?

  • Use all your senses!

    I belong to a lovely group of kid-lit writers. Today, Saturday, they play a Today Game. Use the following: Today I saw… Today I felt(touch)… Today I heard… Today I smelled(olfactor.).. Today I tasted… Walking my walk this morning I used all the senses! Here is what I experienced: Today I saw some strange feathers […]

  • Silent Sunday: Rosella

    Rain and a lone Rosella in a tree! From my front door. The eastern rosella (Platycercus eximius) has become naturalised in New Zealand.[2] By the 1970s the population, probably originally from cage escapees, was strongly established throughout Auckland, Northland, and the far north, extending into west Waikato, as far south as Kawhia and Te Kuiti, and east to […]

  • #SoCS Feb. 22/2020: animal sounds

    Linda at gave the following promp. Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “animal sounds.” Write about the sounds animals make and how you experience them. Have fun! Magpies! I heard their clear songs in the distance and came around the corner, saw the two Magpies; danger was my first reaction, I didn’t […]

  • Poultry Show

    14+15 May 2016- Poultry Show, Upper Hutt, New Zealand There was a good variety of pigeons, ducks, chicken and some budgies. My husband loved rollers. We always had some. The ones on show reminded me about the rollers we had more than twenty  years ago.         Some pigeons on show. Some chickens […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter T

    TEAPOT/TEEPOT TRAIN/TREIN TOMATO/TAMATIE TWO/TWEE New Zealand names: TUI Tūī are unique (endemic) to New Zealand and belong to the honeyeater family, which means they feed mainly on nectar from flowers of native plants such as kōwhai, puriri, rewarewa, kahikatea, pohutukawa, rātā and flax. Occasionally they will eat insects too. They are important pollinators of many […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter P

    PAUA SHELL PEACOCK PUKEKO PAUA SHELL I asked my son to send me a Paua Shell while still in South Africa. He sent me two beautiful shells. I wanted to explain how life is, just like the shell with all the rough sediments on it. We are always polishing our lives. As soon as we […]