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  • Blogging From A-Z Road trip

    Time for the 2016 A to Z Post Challenge Road Trip Now I invite you to join us on the 6th annual Post-Challenge Road Trip, a meandering journey through the 2016 list of A-Z participants, at your own pace, with your own rules, and very few expectations. A few strategies that may have worked for Road […]


  • Reflections on Blogging from A-Z 2016

    I thoroughly enjoyed my first year of Blogging from A-Z April 2016. I survived the twenty-six days of blogging. I read some interesting blogs and started following some awesome blogs too. Here is some interesting information on the likes and comments for my twenty-six days. Most likes = 24 the letter M – Millie, Molly and […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Made it

    After twenty-six days of blogging, I came to the end with pride in my heart. When starting I wondered if I would make it to the end. I enjoyed every moment of it. Many lovely people had a look at my posts and gave positive comments. Some started following my blog and I also visited awesome […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter Z

    ZOO Wellington ZOO These are only a few of the animals at Wellington ZOO  New Zealand Wellington Zoo was the first in New Zealand to house Meerkats in 1991. Today you can spot our mischievous mob in the African precinct, run by an alpha female and her chosen mate. Meerkats are carnivorous and mostly eat […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter Y

    YESTERDAY     “Yesterday”, written entirely (or almost entirely– read on) by Paul McCartney, is either the most, or second most, recorded song of all-time. (Guinness World Records claimed it was the most, but this has been contested with others claiming George Gershwin’s 1935 “Summertime” is the true owner of that mantle.) Whatever the case, […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter X

    XYLOPHONE Xylophone made from wood horns and “kalbasse” Photo was taken in Zambia next to the Zambezi River on our way to the helicopter that took us over the Victoria Falls. 2005 The term xylophone may be used generally, to include all such instruments, such as the marimba, balafon and even the semantron. However, in the orchestra, […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter W

    WEDNESDAY/WOENSDAG WATER/WATER WATERFALL/WATERVAL It is WEDNESDAY and we do the letter “W” Waterfall Follow-up of Victoria Waterfall. Opvolg van Waterval IGUAZU WATERFALLS 1971: My first ride in an aeroplane! My sister and I visited South  America. We had an awesome time there. One of the highlights was the trip to Iguazu and the Iguazu Falls. I […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter V

    VEGETABLES Fresh vegetables are very delicious. I had the opportunity to work in a community garden for about a year and a half. There were lovely veggies  and I enjoyed them a lot. I used them to cook fresh food for a centre for toddlers. VICTORIA WATERFALLS VICTORIA WATERVAL 2010 Lots of water  2005 Very dry […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter U

    UMBRELLA 2010 I visited my sister in South Africa. She had to take dramatic black and white photos using an umbrella. (Can’t remember what the challenge was!) I tried my best to be a “model” but I doubt it that it was a big success. UNION BUILDING, South Africa UNIEGEBOU, Suid Afrika The following photo […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter T

    TEAPOT/TEEPOT TRAIN/TREIN TOMATO/TAMATIE TWO/TWEE New Zealand names: TUI Tūī are unique (endemic) to New Zealand and belong to the honeyeater family, which means they feed mainly on nectar from flowers of native plants such as kōwhai, puriri, rewarewa, kahikatea, pohutukawa, rātā and flax. Occasionally they will eat insects too. They are important pollinators of many […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter S

    SUNFLOWER/SONNEBLOM           Nog ’n somerson kersfees Want die koningskind verjaar Ek skryf vir jou uit die noorde En sal die posduif vra Sal hy gaan draai in die suide By die berg en die see En daar waar my liefde Kaalvoet loop Die nota vir jou gee Refrein: Ek bring vir […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter R

    RED/ROOI Jacket/ Baadjie RED/ROOI Orchid/Orgideë RAINBOW/REëNBOOG RED/ROOI Bus RED bus with a ROSE ROOI bus met n ROOS