Three things Challinge #129

The rules are easy. Use the three words in a paragraph or sentence.




When boredom strikes I put on my jacket and go window shopping to relief the feeling. 

Three things challenge 120

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I love tea. Early morning, the first cup. After my walk the second cup of tea. While I’m writing I’ll also drink a cup every hour. After lunch, I’ll take a nap while my dog naps on the mat next to my chair. 

JusJoJa: 14 January 2020: Publish

Our new prompt for today, January 14, is Publish

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To publish a book or even a blog post takes a lot of time. I’m not going to say that using long hours to publish is a waste of time. It seems that publishing is a long journey up to when the book is published. I’ve tried my hand at publishing a few e-books and one hard copy. I first published an ebook on my flash fiction pieces. That wasn’t a big success because I didn’t have a programme to send a pdf to create space. At the end I published it and it didn’t look good. Then I did an Afrikaans ebook through Smashwords which was/is much better. This is a book on what I have written every week on the challenge run by myself. Not bad, but I put hours and more hours in for some weeks to publish it. I am also part of a writing group where we write our memories on our past. I’ve got heaps of writing. Every year we publish (print) a book, taking about six to ten of our stories written during the year. 

The year before last I decided to publish the first part of my Memoirs. I published the stories of my first six years. I used the old “create space” and made a hard copy in print on demand and then also an eBook at the same time. I enjoyed publishing this book. When I hold it in my hand I am proud to say that it looks good. My friends also said it was worth publishing the story of my life. I’m now busy with my schooling years. Halfway with my primary years. It’s still a long way from publishing, but I enjoy working on my memoirs. 

Just Me: A Memoir by [Kruger, Ineke]
First part of my memoirs.

Just Me: A Memoir Kindle Edition

by Ineke Kruger (Author)

JusJoJan: 12 Jan 2020: Gravity


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I did not do yesterdays challenge. I wasn’t in the mood to do it. Today wasn’t different. I still don’t feel like Just Jotting something down using Gravity.

Well I did some Jotting after looking up the meaning of gravity which is as follows:

gravity. In physics, gravity is the natural force that causes things to fall toward the earth. The noun gravity can also mean seriousness or solemnity. Someone who conducts themselves with an air of gravity is someone who takes what they are doing seriously.

My gravity:

I am a person who has an air of gravity. When I do something I focus on it and do whatever I can to complete the task or job as best as I can. This way of doing, most of the time, stresses me out because I’m only happy with the best.
Then the gravity of the earth has a big influence on my way of walking. I easily stumble and then the gravity pulls me over and pushes my face into the ground. I just can’t help it at times. It’s just as if the ground/earth laughs at me when the gravity pulls me down.

"SoCS": Year Prompt Dec 28/19


What a year it had been!

Lots of problems with unruly children at school. Some just take every inch of meat out of you. Before school is usually without problems. Just when a certain family enters the room and everything is turned upside down.

I had two housesitting this year. One was at a place I had been before. The weather was horrible and the sheep kept on breaking out of their paddock. At the moment I’m sitting quietly and relax watching a movie. This year ends as I love it to end. No noises only nature, my dog, now and again a bleeting sheep. Early morning when I look out of the front window I see wild rabbits hopping and running around on the lawn. When I open the front door the rabbits run away as fast as they can. There are bigger young ones and tiny nearly newborn ones all running away at high speed.

I had a lovely lunch with my friend and her family on Christmas day. I made me relax and feel thankful to have such a good friend. She had a nasty fall the day before which wasn’t a good way to end the year. The past year did not start well with me having a fall on January 4. Lucky me I drank a garlick capsule during winter and never fell ill the past winter. I usually get a bad cold and flu every winter. 

This year flew by. Can’t believe it’s the end of 2019. My granddaughter turned three on December 29. Just wonderful

Here are the rules:

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NANOWRIMO 2019 starts November 1

Are you going to join me next month and see if we can finish 50 000 words during the 30 days of November? I am going to write in Afrikaans and all about my years from my study years up to the last year in South Africa. That would be a stretch from 1965 up to 2008.

National Novel Writing Month 2019

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Not sure what you want to write about yet? Don’t freak out! We’ve got a lot of resources to help you prep for writing a novel this month with our NaNo Prep 101 workbook and exercises. 

Sweater for Bea

Bea was impressed with her new sweater. She didn’t want to leave it on for taking a photo. She cuddled it all the way.

It took me two weekends to finish it! I kind of worked day and night. This is the third time I started knitting something for her. The first two are still waiting to be completed. Problem is the cardigans won’t fit anymore.

I decided with this one : come what may, I’m going to finish it! And I did it!