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  • Creative non-fiction writing: Last lesson

    Week six, lesson six  Three days of writing  It’s Wednesday. I’m home on my own. The kids are at school, and grownups are at work. I’m in the main home, in the lounge. Minicomputer on my lap, sitting in a recliner chair. Luigi and Molly, the two Yorkshire terriers, are snoozing. Luigi is wheezing like […]


  • Creative Non-fiction: Lyrics, typos,apologies

    Week four was about using some words or sentences that trigger your memory. Apology (My trigger) I regret to notify you I don’t know How to go? To make words flow. What about typos? And know-hows Refraining from so on and so Using a hermit crab’s borrowed shell? What now,  Brown cow? I don’t care, […]

  • Creative Memoir Writing.

    A letter to Oom Paul Kruger (Lesson three: write a letter to someone, and write the answer to the letter too.) A letter from me, Ineke Kruger, to Oom Paul Kruger, President of the “South African Republic”1883-1904.” 27/10/2022 Dear oom Paul, You might wonder why I am writing to you. I discovered we are family. […]

  • Birthday party at Staglands.

    Amelia’s birthday was on July 15, but her big party was on July 23. I had to hold the birthday cake on my lap because the road to Staglands is narrow and full of twists and turns, hills up and down. The children enjoyed walking around and feeding the animals. Some animals at Staglands. Opening […]

  • Season 4 Episode 30: Valerie Peachey on Time and What is Next is Now

  • No daffodils on daffodil day this year.

  • Lovely winters morning in Upper Hutt.

    Brrrrrrr, it is/was cold today on my son’s birthday. Snow on the hills after last night’s cold blast passing over us. I took the photos at about 9am this morning while walking Trompie. Halfway some hail fell and we had to take a bit of shelter against a garage door. Lucky for us the wind […]

  • Creative Writing: Redundancy.

    The words this week were: choice, redundancy, unexpected, email, discipline. ( I lived most of my life in South Africa, 1952-2009) Redundant 1993, the teacher’s council could announce me redundant.  It was the year when my world was entirely out of my control by circumstances  My husband committed suicide on August 18, which altered my […]

  • NaNoWriMo: Camp Memoir July 2021

    Here I go again. In July I’m going on a camp again. I want to finish the editing of my second book on my memories about school and qualifying as a Primary school teacher and a twelve years later as a Secondary teacher. After that I’ll move on to my adult life.

  • Creative Writing: Mobile phone

    Words: traffic, mobile phone, bathroom, tertiary education, never forgotten Mobile Phone Technology isn’t what it was  30 years ago. First, our telephone system turned from wired lines to wireless phones. The term mobile means you can take it with you where ever you go. Today you don’t require a PC or a laptop, merely use […]

  • Creative Writing: Immigrant

    Every Friday I attend a writing group. At the end of each session we get new words from which we choose one or more and write something using the word or words. At the start of each class we read our stories to the group. Words: meals, dentist, jumping, immigrant, traffic accident. Immigrant Immigrant meaning: […]

  • Creative Writing: A special friend.

    A person in my life who understood and touched me. On Saturday evening, I received an unexpected WhatsApp call from Adrie, a valuable friend in South Africa. Surprising because we haven’t communicated in more than a year. Why am I writing about Adrie?  Our friendship is unique. I met Adrie on a “scrap away week”. […]