JusJoJan 24/20 Change

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Your prompt for JusJoJan January 24th, 2020, is “change.” Use the word “change” any way you’d like. Enjoy!


During my lifetime I’ve made some changes which changed my whole life.

The first change was when I got married and I had to move to a new city. Next change came after my husband passed away. I had to adjust to a new life without him. 

The biggest change came in 2009 when I moved to New Zealand. After ten years here I’m proud to say that the change was worth it. I’m happy to be here living near my only son and his family.

Friendship on a Tuesday

Friendship Tuesday

Tuesdays are my special friend days. Every Tuesday morning 10.30 am we meet for a cuppa. There are many cafes or coffee shops in Upper Hutt. We decide each time where we would go and rotate them during the year.

I invited my friend to go with me, on my account, to Queensgate in Lower Hutt. 

It was a different experience. I had avocado, halloumi on toasted bread. It was delicious.

On our way home my friend asked if I could take her to a shop where she wanted to pick up some ordered hooks. It was an interesting shop. I didn’t want to go inside the shop to see what they sell. I waited at the counter. On the counter were the most interesting small helpful tools for all kinds of jobs. 

Image result for tweezers
Tweezers with a light

JusJoJan: 12 Jan 2020: Gravity


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I did not do yesterdays challenge. I wasn’t in the mood to do it. Today wasn’t different. I still don’t feel like Just Jotting something down using Gravity.

Well I did some Jotting after looking up the meaning of gravity which is as follows:

gravity. In physics, gravity is the natural force that causes things to fall toward the earth. The noun gravity can also mean seriousness or solemnity. Someone who conducts themselves with an air of gravity is someone who takes what they are doing seriously.

My gravity:

I am a person who has an air of gravity. When I do something I focus on it and do whatever I can to complete the task or job as best as I can. This way of doing, most of the time, stresses me out because I’m only happy with the best.
Then the gravity of the earth has a big influence on my way of walking. I easily stumble and then the gravity pulls me over and pushes my face into the ground. I just can’t help it at times. It’s just as if the ground/earth laughs at me when the gravity pulls me down.

JusJoJan 9 January 2020: "scrumptious"

 prompt for JusJoJan January 9th, 2020, is “scrumptious.” Use the word “scrumptious” any way you’d like. Have fun!


I love ice cream, scrumptious, yummy-yummy plain soft serve or cone. Licking it lick by lick. Once a week I buy myself one just to marvel in the scrumptious taste.

Something that I also love is “pap en wors” that is Afrikaans for a barbeque with a scrumptious tasting sausage and a maize /corn thick porridge with a delicious onion and tomato sauce. I don’t have a problem with eating but some meals are better than others. 

I also don’t have a very sweet tooth but those scrumptious chocolates with soft insides are also at times not to ignore.

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Christmas presents with love.

The end of the year always brings happiness and joy. Children at school look forward going on holiday. They also love to hand out little gifts to their teachers and to us, as carers.

I appreciate every thank you, little card or present. This year I got a special cup.

Another present is bowl with marzipan strawberries.

And a handful of Christmas cards.

NaNoWriMo: Nov 5 Trips and holidays in South Africa.

National Novel Writing Month

Day 4 (November 4) 831 words

Day 5 (November 5) 1529 words

Gives me 8 714 words over 5 days.

I started writing about my holidays and trips in South Africa which included:

Historical school trip along the Voortrekker routes in Natal.

Cape Town visits 3 times


Twice to Zimbabwe

I still have a trip and holiday at Chillie Pepper Lodge near Kruger National Reserve.

Then my European tour and

Tour to South America.

Dinner at Genghis Khan Restaurant

The school where I do the before school and after school care decided to hold their end of year Christmas dinner on Saturday evening.

One of the school’s teachers and her husband invited me to drive with them into Wellington.  It was a very interesting evening. At first, we had some corn and chicken soup.

The main meal was cooked by the chefs on the big barbeque.

You had to fill your bowl with noodles, veggies, meat and different sauces. The chef then took the bowl and emptied it on the bbq. In about five minutes it was cooked and ready.

The dessert was delicious chocolate ice cream. The name was smoking chocolate ice cream.





My principal dressed in Christmas clothes.

School Stories: Autumn sky

School started off with a big bang on Monday. All were back and ready for term two.

Wednesday afternoon I had an over full After School Care session! We are three carers and there is supposed to be ten children per carer. Wednesday we had forty-two children and cloudy rainy weather. Luck was on our side. The rain stopped and we could play outside for most of the afternoon.

The last child was picked up at 5:45pm. Long day for the children!

Thursday it rained the whole morning and drizzled on and of in the afternoon. There had been some flooding in Porirua, lucky for us it was on the other side of the hills.

Late afternoon the sky started to clear.

This is how it looked.

The last photo shows the patch where the fire burned a few weeks ago.