NaNoWriMo: Nov 5 Trips and holidays in South Africa.

National Novel Writing Month

Day 4 (November 4) 831 words

Day 5 (November 5) 1529 words

Gives me 8 714 words over 5 days.

I started writing about my holidays and trips in South Africa which included:

Historical school trip along the Voortrekker routes in Natal.

Cape Town visits 3 times


Twice to Zimbabwe

I still have a trip and holiday at Chillie Pepper Lodge near Kruger National Reserve.

Then my European tour and

Tour to South America.

Camino de Santiago

Camino Skies

I went to the movies this afternoon. I’m tempted by this wonderful film. Maybe, maybe I might do it.

Spesiaal vir Toortsie!

Dinner at Genghis Khan Restaurant

The school where I do the before school and after school care decided to hold their end of year Christmas dinner on Saturday evening.

One of the school’s teachers and her husband invited me to drive with them into Wellington.  It was a very interesting evening. At first, we had some corn and chicken soup.

The main meal was cooked by the chefs on the big barbeque.

You had to fill your bowl with noodles, veggies, meat and different sauces. The chef then took the bowl and emptied it on the bbq. In about five minutes it was cooked and ready.

The dessert was delicious chocolate ice cream. The name was smoking chocolate ice cream.




My principal dressed in Christmas clothes.

School Stories: Autumn sky

School started off with a big bang on Monday. All were back and ready for term two.

Wednesday afternoon I had an over full After School Care session! We are three carers and there is supposed to be ten children per carer. Wednesday we had forty-two children and cloudy rainy weather. Luck was on our side. The rain stopped and we could play outside for most of the afternoon.

The last child was picked up at 5:45pm. Long day for the children!

Thursday it rained the whole morning and drizzled on and of in the afternoon. There had been some flooding in Porirua, lucky for us it was on the other side of the hills.

Late afternoon the sky started to clear.

This is how it looked.

The last photo shows the patch where the fire burned a few weeks ago.

Hops: interesting facts.

In 2013 my son had the idea of growing hops. He bought a plant and did not plant it into the garden. It died down during winter and started growing the next summer. I suggested that I would plant it in my garden till he was ready to plant it in his garden.

I planted it and it sort of grew last year.

This year it really grew into a tall vine. It has lots of hops on it at the moment.

Is there someone who could advise what to do next with it?

New Zealand hops are harvested in late February and March of each year. During drying, hot water radiators are the source of heat, thereby ensuring the hops stay free from any contamination by exhaust gases. The dried hops are pelleted at our own facility near Nelson and hop extracts are produced at a neighboring modern supercritical CO2extraction facility, Pharmalink Extract Ltd, situated adjacent to the hop pelleting plant. Quality and safety is assured throughout every stage of production via an auditable on farm GAP certification programme and cold storage and processing under ISO (9001-2008) quality and HACCP systems.


It’s Write Easy – quick writing – DESCRIBE a garden.

During my It’s Write Easy session on Friday we had the following topic to write a “quick writing” paragraph.

DESCRIBE a garden

The following picture came to mind.

The garden at sunrise
The garden at sunrise

The vegy beds are empty and still grey. How dull!

Remember it is still cold and very wintry. Spring is just peeking around the corner I suppose.

The sun rises and some rays shine on the side of a tree painting it in gold.

Looking at the  spring flowerbeds the daffodils are swaying in the breeze, their yellow heads held high to catch the sun beams. The yellow faces all in unison up to the light. The soft breeze also fills the air with a waft of sweet aroma.

So clean, and oh so delightful.

Daffodils swaying in the wind
Daffodils swaying in the wind

What do you think? Can you imagine the picture in your mind?