Baby Talk: Bea and Luigi


Bea pulling herself up. Luigi

Luigi kicking his hind legs showing his interest.


Luigi talking to Bea.


What are you doing, Ouma?


Writing + Memoir: House sitting an old dog called Meggie

I did house sitting for four weeks which ended Sunday, August 21. I cared for a sixteen- year-old Border Collie named Meggie. I wrote the following about Meggie for my writing group on Friday.


Doef, doef, doef, swoosh

Doef, doef, doef, swoosh

Doef, doef, doef swoosh

From kitchen to the bedroom.

Bump, bump, around.

Doef, doef, doef, swoosh; doef, doef, swoosh

Back to the kitchen!

Scratch, click, click nails on the linoleum floor.

Up and down, up and down through the passage from the kitchen to the bedroom and back again. For at least half an hour.

The poor Meggie can’t get herself to lie down.

“Just take it easy Meggie! Slow down now!” It doesn’t help to talk to her because she is deaf. If I want her to react, I attract her attention by standing in front of her so that she can see me.

It is tough for her to let her back and bottom fall to the floor. There is something wrong with her nerves, and she has arthritis. Poor dog.

She has got dementia too because she would take a walk and then just stop, and stare in front of her. I usually kept an eye on her and would attract her attention and show her to move on. She could stand just where she was for long times.

The first two evenings Meggie was crying before she let herself fall to the floor. I gave her lots of time during the four weeks of my stay, to lie down and rest. It helped because if she had been moving or walking up and down too much, I think her legs and body aches too much.

The following is how twenty-four hours of my days/nights happened.

Early morning:

“ Look out Ineke, don’t step on Meggie.”

She usually sleeps in the kitchen doorway.

Touching her:

“Come on old girl. Get up! Let’s go outside.”

She’ll go outside and would stay out till I tell her to come back inside.

It does not matter if it rains. She gets wet and never came inside without me showing her to enter!

“Meggie, come on, come inside. You are soaking wet.” I rubbed her dry.

I had to lock her up in her kennel for the time I had to work. If I did not lock her up, she’d just stand outside in the rain.

Coming home in the afternoons, I first had to open the gate, drive the car inside, close the gate again. Then let Meggie out of the kennel. There were only three dry days that I could let her be outside her kennel during the afternoon.

 Dinner time. After dinner, Meggie got a treat. A small cone with some ice-cream. I also enjoyed an ice-cream after dinner.

Then it was time to calm down and have a nap before turning in.

“Meggie, stop moving up and down. You’re making me nervous with your turning around and around. Just settle down now!” As soon as I sat down, she’ll also lie down.

Then just before bedtime:

‘Meggie, wake up! Let’s go for a wee!” She’ll wake up as soon as she smells me passing her. She’ll get up and out of the door. Then it’s time again to keep an eye out for her to come back inside.

“Where could she be? Oh, there you are.” I clap my hands, and she’ll come inside. Usually, I had to dry her with a towel. Then we are off to bed. Again an up and down session and boom, off to relax now.

Every early morning Meggie would get up.

“Oops, I did not hear you getting up Meggie! Just look what you have done! Now I have to clean up behind you! Sigh!” Lucky for me that I first put the light on before going down the passage to the kitchen.

Then back to bed for another two hours and time to start a new day.

This was only twenty-four hours I had for four weeks!

House sitting 1: First encounter

My first night(Friday) was miserable because


could not get herself to lie down in front of her Mum’s bed!

She knew her Mum wasn’t there.

She is sixteen already and full of arthritis.

At the end, she managed.


Saturday morning.Here are some photos of my new surroundings. Cold, wet, windy. Not a good start but everything went well. Meggie had a three hours sleep in the kitchen.

This morning(Sunday) everything was much better.

Meggie waking up after her night’s sleep.


Tomorrow I’m off to school again. Hopeful that the two dogs will manage without me for some time!


School Stories: Do you recognise the dog?

The second term is gone.

Half year reports have been handed out.

Some are excited to come back next term.

Some don’t feel that good!

The last three weeks of the term in the Before School Class we tried our hands at making dogs using a toilet roll six egg holder cups and some string, cotton, wool or in this case some raffia.

Only one ended up the wall.

Hopefully, we will see more next term(children were very slow in finishing them off)

Best Birthday Present ever!

My birthday is in February.

Due to posting issues, my sister in South Africa postponed sending

this precious present.

Two weeks ago she said:

“Keep an eye out, I’ve posted your present.”

It took less than two weeks to reach me.

I opened the envelope.

I at first stared in awe!




Sorry folks!

I have not been to the groomers.

This is how I look at the moment.


Autumn is showing it’s face!



Autumn is upon us here in New Zealand.

Leaves are changing colour.


With the warm days and lots of rain,

toadstools came out

showing off their colourful heads.

Trompie had his last haircut before the cold is upon us!


This morning everything is foggy.

From my doorstep.

We are expecting

Cyclone Cook.

It is already battering the Northern part of the North Island

and is slowly moving down south to us.

We are warned to stay inside,

have our emergency bags ready.

The next 48 hours is going to be tricky to everyone.

Winds of up to 160km p hour are expected and Lots of rain.

Against the odds: The Daily Post: Photo Challenge

Meaning: If you do something against all odds, or against all the odds, you do it even though there were many problems and it didn’t seem possible to do. For example: He had a serious accident and was close to death but, against all odds, he recovered and now he’s fine.

Against the Odds

An unexpected victory? A snapshot of an unlikely moment? This week, show us something that defies the odds.

My dog Trompie thought that he was going to be attacked by this colourful cockerel.

Stretching his neck and creeping nearer the cock against all odds did not move!



House Sitting no 4: So peaceful

Trompie inspecting everything,

every morning, during the day whenever he got the opportunity to go outside.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some photos of the place itself.

This is the last of my house sitting on top of the hills.

I am starting another two weeks of house sitting from Friday, January 27

till February 07.

We are sitting house with Millie, Coco, Munro, miss Sally and Mr Fats.

House Sitting(2): More animals to feed

Every morning, the first thing I had to do was

feed the most important animals.

No One



No Two



Who I fed on the front steps while

Trompie kept an eye on us through the lounge window!

He also watched the next animals we had to feed in their cage(photo  left)

Then it’s the bunnies turn.

Trompie went with me to feed them,

every morning and evening.

Puma would sit and wait for us.



Then we went off for our morning walk. I had a look around if everything was okay around the farm while Trompie hunted for his extra sheep poo morning meal. Puma joined in the walk.

Trompie’s feet were usually full of seed bundles.

Before we went inside I first had to clean his feet and also dry them because we had a lot of rain.


Being a farm dog had its good sides but also its bad ones!