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  • Writing + Memoir: House sitting an old dog called Meggie

    I did house sitting for four weeks which ended Sunday, August 21. I cared for a sixteen- year-old Border Collie named Meggie. I wrote the following about Meggie for my writing group on Friday. Doef, doef, doef, swoosh Doef, doef, doef, swoosh Doef, doef, doef swoosh From kitchen to the bedroom. Bump, bump, around. Doef, […]

  • House sitting 1: First encounter

    My first night(Friday) was miserable because Meggie could not get herself to lie down in front of her Mum’s bed! She knew her Mum wasn’t there. She is sixteen already and full of arthritis. At the end, she managed. Saturday morning.Here are some photos of my new surroundings. Cold, wet, windy. Not a good start […]

  • School Stories: Do you recognise the dog?

    The second term is gone. Half year reports have been handed out. Some are excited to come back next term. Some don’t feel that good! The last three weeks of the term in the Before School Class we tried our hands at making dogs using a toilet roll six egg holder cups and some string, cotton, […]

  • Best Birthday Present ever!

    My birthday is in February. Due to posting issues, my sister in South Africa postponed sending this precious present. Two weeks ago she said: “Keep an eye out, I’ve posted your present.” It took less than two weeks to reach me. I opened the envelope. I at first stared in awe! Unbelievable! Sorry folks! I […]

  • Trompie was also in the picture

    Bea and Stella came to visit me. I took a few photos. While taking photos Trompie came up to me as if to say: What are you doing? I’m still the best am I not? Bea kept looking at Trompie!

  • Autumn is showing it’s face!

        Autumn is upon us here in New Zealand. Leaves are changing colour. With the warm days and lots of rain, toadstools came out showing off their colourful heads. Trompie had his last haircut before the cold is upon us! This morning everything is foggy. From my doorstep. We are expecting Cyclone Cook. It is […]

  • Against the odds: The Daily Post: Photo Challenge

    Meaning: If you do something against all odds, or against all the odds, you do it even though there were many problems and it didn’t seem possible to do. For example: He had a serious accident and was close to death but, against all odds, he recovered and now he’s fine. Against the Odds An […]

  • House Sitting no 4: So peaceful

    Trompie inspecting everything, every morning, during the day whenever he got the opportunity to go outside. Some photos of the place itself. This is the last of my house sitting on top of the hills. I am starting another two weeks of house sitting from Friday, January 27 till February 07. We are sitting house […]

  • House Sitting(2): More animals to feed

    Every morning, the first thing I had to do was feed the most important animals. No One Trompie No Two Puma Who I fed on the front steps while Trompie kept an eye on us through the lounge window! He also watched the next animals we had to feed in their cage(photo  left) Then it’s […]

  • Relax: The Daily Post: Photo Challenge

    Relax This week, share a photo that relaxes you says HAKAN B at Relaxing in a bit of sunshine after an extra cold week in early spring.

  • Silent Sunday: Trompie

  • A day in Trompie’s life!

    After the earthquake and then the stormy weather with floods we had a dry day. We (Trompie and I) walked up the hill. On our way up, we found some baby birds on the pavement. Blown out of their nests into the wetness without their parents they could not survive. Trompie had a sniff at it. […]