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  • Birds and Beatrix.

  • Last on the card: May 2022

    I am doing a Domestica course on Expressive Architectural sketching using markers to colour it in. This was a photo in a magazine and my first try. Brian at asks to put up your last photo from your devices. The rules are simple:1. Post the last photo on your SD card or last photo […]


  • Eyes.

    Yesterday Beatrix decided to draw some faces. Look at the eyes! She mastered the way of drawing different expressions by drawing the eyes differently. She made a card for me and these faces were inside. I didn’t show or tell her anything she did it all on her own. I’m very proud of her and […]

  • Creative Sketchbook.

    I did some creative sketching to start the flow of using a sketchbook every day. Imran Mughal Is the instructor at

  • Last on the card: February 2022

    I am busy doing a course in Illustrating and making a children’s picture book. It’s just amazing how you do it! My story is about Molly my son’s Yorkshire Terrier going for ballet class. I did some rough pages and showed them to my granddaughter. She said: “Ouma, Molly can’t walk on two legs and […]

  • The Picture Book Course

    8 week intensive e-course, with live teaching from Helen Stephens (and background cheering from Tania Willis and Katie Chappell)

  • Silent Sunday: Pumpkins, Using water colour brush.

  • New project: Animal characters for storybooks(1 introduction)

    New illustration course for me. The introduction was to drawn yourself as a young child using your favorite medium. I’m busy testing different ways of giving drawings some color. My favorite is still pencil for now.

  • Drawing: Week 4. Using colour

    Memory drawing using colour. No pencil. Trompie in colour. I also did another painting using Van Gogh’s- Bedroom in Arles If you sat on Van Gogh’s bed, what would you see? (All in my imagination!)

  • Drawing: Week 1 – 3

    Look at a space then sit down and draw by memory. My Bathroom Looking out of my window at my work space. This was my first drawing. Imagine what you can see There were 30 examples of well-know painters from which to choose to draw a scene. I used Eric Ravilious’s painting RYE My drawing […]

  • Drawing: Week 4

    I am doing a six week intensive course on Illustration. The three excellent tutors are Helen Stephens Author, illustrator, picture book maker Tania Willis Map maker, editorial & advertising illustrator Katie Chappell Live illustrator, part time lecturer They are in the UK and you can find them at: I’ll post the previous week’s work in […]