New book: My diary May 2019



I started my writing journey in 2012. Every Friday afternoon interested writers join the “It’s write Easy” writing group in our local library in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. We write short anecdotes about our lives, read it to each other and comment on each others writing.

Every year we as writers put a book together using pieces of writing from the past year. This year I wrote daily entrants in my diary for the month of May. I plan to publish it in an online book(eBook).

All done: My book is live now.

My book is on the market as an eBook and paperback.

Paperback link:

I hope you will enjoy reading about a young girl migrating from the Netherlands to South Africa. This book is about the first six years of my life.

The second volume will be About me growing up in South Africa during the early 1950s up to where I started my first teaching job late 1960s.

New cover for my Afrikaans ebook

I had a problem with my ebook Toeka-Tokkel 2015.  The cover kept on being too small.

This afternoon I decided to use another photo. It happened at last. My cover was accepted.

voorblad a

E-book update!


There was quite some interest in my book.

Two blog friends immediately downloaded it.

Big thank you to you:



During the 5 days free download, the following people downloaded it.

Pavel Bangla

Kimberley Cooper reviewed my book first.

She enjoyed reading it and picked “Off with her head”  as the best one.

Perdebytjie commented

“Ek het begin lees aan jou boek..geniet dit sover baie! “(10/18)

10/25 I got this wonderful review on my book from Perdebytjie. Baie dankie Dina ek waardeer dit baie

“Ek het jou boek klaar gelees en ek hou baie daarvan.Die stories is lekker kort en pittig en ek hou veral daarvan dat jy dit in verskillende kategorieë ingedeel het.So hier en daar is ‘n taalfoutjie wat deurgeglip het,maar dis nie hinderlik nie.Mooi so en begin sommer met die volgende boek!”

Hester reported the following on my FB page. Thank you Hester for your lovely feed back. Awesome!

I’ve been dipping into your flash fiction stories and I just read “A place to call home”. Loved it. You managed to weave more than one fictional story line around the pigeon’s imagined lifestyle and aptly expressed the emotions you experienced, all in ±200 words.Very impressive.

You may find my face book page on my writing here:

E-book free to download!

For the next 5 days my book

Flash Fiction

Book 1

is free to all of you.

Free dates  16 up to 20 October.

I would appreciate it if you, my dear followers and bloggers,  read and review it.

Without your support I can’t do it!

Thank you so much!