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  • JusJoJa: 14 January 2020: Publish

    Our new prompt for today, January 14, is Publish Please click on the link to see what it’s all about: PUBLISH To publish a book or even a blog post takes a lot of time. I’m not going to say that using long hours to publish is a waste of time. It seems that publishing […]


  • New book: My diary May 2019

    SPELLING MISTAKE: MY DIARY I started my writing journey in 2012. Every Friday afternoon interested writers join the “It’s write Easy” writing group in our local library in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. We write short anecdotes about our lives, read it to each other and comment on each others writing. Every year we as writers […]

  • All done: My book is live now.

    My book is on the market as an eBook and paperback. Paperback link: I hope you will enjoy reading about a young girl migrating from the Netherlands to South Africa. This book is about the first six years of my life. The second volume will be About me growing up in South Africa during […]

  • New cover for my Afrikaans ebook

    I had a problem with my ebook Toeka-Tokkel 2015.  The cover kept on being too small. This afternoon I decided to use another photo. It happened at last. My cover was accepted.

  • E-book update!

    There was quite some interest in my book. Two blog friends immediately downloaded it. Big thank you to you: Millie Hester During the 5 days free download, the following people downloaded it. Pavel Bangla Kimberley Cooper reviewed my book first. She enjoyed reading it and picked “Off with her […]

  • E-book free to download!

    For the next 5 days my book Flash Fiction Book 1 is free to all of you. Free dates  16 up to 20 October. I would appreciate it if you, my dear followers and bloggers,  read and review it. Without your support I can’t do it! Thank you so much!

  • E-book all ready

    To promote my book I am giving it away free from 16 to 20 October. I would appreciate it if you read  and give a review please. I’ll put the link up on October 16. Thanks for your support and please enjoy.

  • I DID IT! My book is on Amazon

    I am so happy. My ebook is now published and on Amazon. Please have a look and tell me what you think! Still needs some more editing but I am happy with it.