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  • Wordless Wednesday: Two horses on the road.

  • Non fiction creative writing

    I completed an intensive non-fiction creative writing four-week course. The second week I felt I couldn’t keep up because it was way too intense for me with my little knowledge of the English language. I pushed through and learned a lot. The last piece was different from the first three weeks. We had to write […]


  • Silent Sunday: Passing by this morning.

  • Mickey the “wild” goat lamb.

    Mickey is a wild goat. She lost her goat mum and ran along with some sheep on a farm. The farmers usually gather their sheep when there are lambs. At times there would be some wild goats between the ewes and their lambs. This happened to Mickey. My friend adopted this goat and reared it […]

  • In the Moment 6: On the farm 2

    Meeting Diëgo and Mickey the goat. Bea came to visit me on the farm on Saturday. She got a bit of a fright when she met Diego the sheepdog. Diego was too friendly and nearly pushed her over. Bea started yelling and crying. Trompie helped Diego by barking at Bea too. Not good at all. […]

  • In the moment:On the farm 1

  • In the moment 1. Horse?

    Just after ten I heard: “Clip-clop, clip-clop.” I went to investigate. Across the road was a group of school children waiting the horse’s arrival. The children had a good time on the farm across the road from me.

  • From my doorstep.

    There is always something going on in my street. My slide door opens on my deck which is higher than the street. From my doorstep I can see the sheep grazing and the farmers dog chasing the sheep on his own(this dog is very naughty, he isn’t supposed to run after the sheep. He also […]

  • Last day of the year 2019

    The last day of 2019 is done and dusted. Everybody is waiting for the big bang of midnight. I’ve taken some photos of my surroundings this afternoon. It was a hot day and the sheep and cows came up early to the gate to be fed. The valley below. Sheep in the paddock. Trompie sniffing […]

  • Winter is upon us.

    June started with downpours, strong winds and drop in temperature. Today was a holiday to celebrate the Queens birthday. It was a glorious morning, a bit chilly at first but later it turned out warm and sunny. I also had a visit from the family on Sunday. Bea and I played with some of my […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Morning walk beauty

  • House Sitting(3): Last animals

    There were many birds around. As soon as it got light(not sunrise yet) Tui’s sang their songs.(5 am) Tui’s also ended the day just after dark.(9.30 pm) There was also a flock of sheep that we had to keep an eye on. They were in a paddock not far from the house. From the bedroom, we […]