FFfAW week January 19, 2016. Absorbed

The intruders from outer spaces’ spaceship were impossible to detect by the human eye.

XQB the leader looked through the small porthole. What it saw was good, very good.

The reflection of the setting sun covered everything in shades of gold. All the buildings sparkled.

XQB reported to the mother ship that it was time to investigate.

It opened the latch. Its tentacles gripped the side and then slithered to the ground.

As soon as XQB touched the dust it started disintegrating. The golden soil started absorbing the fluid in XQB’s tentacles.

That was the end of the investigation. XQB was no more!


The omen: FFfAW – week 11-17-2015


“I can’t go on anymore!”  Sophy slowly went down on her knees. She bent over and stretched out between the long grass covering her face in her arms. Her tears were wetting the arms of her t-shirt. She was sobbing and did not realize that something slowly floated up to her.

A soft voice called her name: “Sophy, Sophy don’t give up! You are strong and can fight your father’s abuse. I’ll help you. You just have to believe in yourself.”

Sophy slowly lifted her head.  In front of her was a shimmering white peacock. It’s tail wide open reflecting the last sunshine of the day.

The white peacock’s eyes were soft and calming. It brought a good omen of escape and healing to Sophy.

She got up and went home to face her father. She stood strong against his mental abuse and walked away never to return again.

Word count : 149




Plain sailing: FFfAW – Week of 10-13- 2015

Plain sailing went totally wrong!

Three months ago Sonya planned a trip of a lifetime for her and her younger sister Amber. She kept on going over every arrangement.  They were going to escape all the huzzle and buzzle of celebrations. Their father was going to marry the most horrible woman. The two sisters could not stand her at all.

Sonya blindfolded her sister with her scarf before they embarked the ship. She wanted  her sister never to forget the perfect escape. They climbed the stairs to their cabin.

Sonya opened the door  and unknotted the scarf, standing with her back to the open door, looked at her sister’s face. Amber’s face turned from blushing red, to pale as a ghost. With shock Sonia turned around.

“How on earth had it happened! Where did they get the information?” Sonia looked in awe.

There they were! Their father and the the step mother to be.


No stopping : FFfAW – 10/06/2015

Thank you to Etol Bagam for providing our prompt photo this week.

The stage was ready for the world’s best show.

During the last rehearsal everything went as planned. Everybody knew what to do  during every moment  of the performance.

Tim, the famous organist felt a tinge in his left hand. He wasn’t worried too much, as soon as he started playing everything would be fine. He had it before. He did not mention it to anyone.

The hall was packed. All were waiting to hear Tim play.

Soft music came from behind the curtains.

Slowly, very slowly, the curtains opened. Tim sat in front of the organ ready to play. The spotlights were full on him. He put his fingers on the keys.


He could not use his left hand.

He started playing the melody with his right hand. The audience did not know during the whole performance that he used only one hand.

Perfect performance!

Word count: 149

FFfAW – Week of 09-22-2015 Challenge 32

Lonely artist

 Amy could not find her good friend. They had an appointment to meet at the swimming pool for a cup of tea. Amy was very worried about the way her friend, Sue, was reacting after her accident. Sue could, at times, not remember anything that had happened to her.

After waiting  fifteen minutes without Sue turning up Amy went off looking for her friend. She had a look at all their usual meeting places.

At last Amy went out in the garden. Reaching the rose garden, she could hear a soft humming. Opening up the foliage Amy saw Sue with her easel and paints happily painting and singing her favourite hymn. Between the soft singing she was also talking to herself.

“Sue, I was worried about you. What are you painting?”

“Here is my mother, between her roses,” replied Sue.

Amy only shook her head in disbelieve, there were only blotches of paint on the canvas. All Sue’s painting skills were also lost.

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Tragedy : FFfAW – Week of 09-08-2015

Pushing his face flat against the wet window Timmy could still not see much.

He knew that his special friend was in the garden. He had seen him before the torrential rain started falling an hour ago.

Timmy is a special little boy who loves to live in his own dreamworld. He has to amuse himself because he is disabled and can’t really use his legs. His Mum pushed the wheelchair next to the window because she knows he loves to look outside and talk to his friend. “Mum,” shouted Timmy: “ Sandy is outside, he can’t swim. I have to save him!” Timmy opened the window, pushed himself up and out of the window. The rain was pouring down on him. The shock of the sudden wet and cold water prevented Timmy to call out for help.

Ten minutes later Timmy’s mother stood in shock with the body of her son in her arms. She was too late to save him from drowning.

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Saved : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. 08/25/2015 week 28

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Dawn M. Miller provided the photo prompt.

My story:

The group of campers stood in awe, while listening to the quavering sound rolling nearer.

It had been a lovely warm long week-end. The group of friends decided to camp for the weekend near the creek. Across the creek was a modern train bridge.

The rolling noise came from behind the bridge. They could not decide if it was a train coming or something else. They could not place the sound. What could it be?

Suddenly they heard the train rolling past. The train gone, the real rumbling went on.  It came from falling and moving rocks.

It was an earthquake. Where were they going to hide? The earth moved under them and away, without the falling rocks reaching them.

They were so lucky. The bridge broke in front of them and stopped the rubble from moving over them.

The newspaper heading read: Campers saved by falling bridge.

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Secret hiding : FFfAW Week 07-22-2015

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“Mmmm, what are they up to?” wondered secret agent Splatter.

He had been spying on Lucy and Trudy for 3 weeks now.

Splatter installed a permanent pair of trench binoculars when he could not go out to the island house to investigate.

“Ah, wait a bit. There they both are now!” Taking his camera he zoomed in to get some evidence of the two women. They were trespassing that’s for sure. Back to the binoculars, he could see Lucy carrying  an animal like object. It whirligig around in her arms.

”They sure have the animal with them,” Splatter mumbled. “Hope they are not going to let it escape. It is a one of a kind of endangered dragon serpent mr Cory told me! Very important that I report back to him now”

Splatter started dialing and kept on looking through his binoculars. “Oh no, it can’t be!” …..

Word count 151

Delicate in flight: FFfAW Week 07-15-2015

Thank you Sonya O. for our photo prompt this week


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Delicate in flight

Looking into his empty whisky glass his eyes filled with sorrow.

Big tears started rolling down his weathered  cheeks. He felt so miserable. Everything turned out so happy and well. He stared at the two ice cubes in his glass, melting away of the summer heat.

In his mind he could see his lovely wife. She was his everything until two years ago.

She started to fade away. Her illness made her very fragile. The last thing she asked of him was to take her to the ice sculpting exhibition.  She was so happy that day.

One of the artists asked if he could make an ice statue of her as he sees her. The artist made the most wonderful swan starting to fly away. She was ecstatic seeing the result.

She sat down put her arms around her husband and flew away just like the ice swan.

Word count 151

Sad adventure: FFfAW: Week of 06-17-2015


This week’s photo prompt is provided by ©pricelessjoy.

Unbelievable! How can people do a thing like this to me and my project?

I am a volunteer.

I have five horses.

I take unprivileged children on bush trips using my horses.

These kids have nothing in life to look forward to, only weekends when they come to me and have lots of fun. I teach them how to look after the horses. They ride on them when we go out for  lessons on nature. These kids love the animals. They also love to be out in nature.

This morning when the kids were all here we wanted to saddle the horses to go for our ride.

Alas! No bridles, no saddles, nothing.

Everything stolen!

How can people do a thing like this, not only to me but the kids too?

Please those who took the gear, please bring it back. I need it to make these kids happy!