Category: Flash Fiction

  • JusJoJan: 3rd January 2020: Poke

    Poke Jack, flat on his back, on the floor of the bar thought: “What happened? Where am I.” He opened his eyes. Good heavens that can’t be possible. A giant man stood over him. He poked Jack with his thick fleshy finger: “Get up! NOW, you want to poke me? Well, that’s your own medicine […]


  • Sunday Photo Fiction: Fences

    Please klick the link to see what SPF is all about: “Mummy look at those strange two-legged animals!” Mum Rhino mumbled:” Don’t pay attention to them. I get so frustrated when I see them.” “Why, mum, why can’t I play with them?” Baby Rhino started stamping his feet. Ready to give it a go. […]

  • Picture it and write : Saved Visit Ermila for more information on the challenge. Slowly the lovely girl emerged from the waves. She struggled to keep herself upright like all the strange beings on the beach. Looking down at where her legs were supposed to be: No legs, no feet! Nothing to stand on! Suddenly a wave pushed her up […]

  • FFfAW week January 19, 2016. Absorbed

    The intruders from outer spaces’ spaceship were impossible to detect by the human eye. XQB the leader looked through the small porthole. What it saw was good, very good. The reflection of the setting sun covered everything in shades of gold. All the buildings sparkled. XQB reported to the mother ship that it was time […]

  • Picture it and write: Enough is enough “This won’t work!  Enough is enough!” Allan thought when he saw all the fish along the shore line. He could see dead fish. Some were still wriggling a bit but that would not last for long. Allan, who relied on catching fish for a living was very upset. He knew who were responsible […]

  • Picture it and write: Broken

    Visit: Suddenly a clap of thunder sounded through the house. Kim woke up from her daydreams. She felt frightened and did not want to move from her rocking chair. She could hear no wind blowing and see no clouds drifting by through the window. What could it be? Kim slowly got up. She had […]

  • Revenge. Picture it and write

    She had been as fit as a fiddle. Ready for her fight that night. She thought of all the hate and hurt she had in her life. Her contestant was her biggest enemy since her affair with her fiance. That night would be her revenge. She was dressed in special winning colors. Green was her […]

  • I DID IT! My book is on Amazon

    I am so happy. My ebook is now published and on Amazon. Please have a look and tell me what you think! Still needs some more editing but I am happy with it.

  • FFfAW 4-8-2015 : Through the window.

    I first thought of not writing this time. I had a look at the photo and here it goes. For the rules and how to take part visit Through the window Here I am, waiting again for the follow up episode of suspense. Yesterday was a really bad day. I was sitting right here. […]

  • Love and the detective. FFfAW

    Visit for more information on how to participate.   LOVE AND THE DETECTIVE Beth hurriedly, nearly ran down the pavement when she found the number of the building she was looking for. At last she thought. She never saw the two eyes peeking over the top of the blue waste bin. He was frowning […]

  • FFfAW week 5. 3/18/2015

    FFfAW Week of 3/18/2015 Here we are. We are supposed to enter  through the roof. I don’t know how we are going to succeed if we are still down in the garden without any equipment to climb the wall. We were supposed to land  on top of the roof. The wind was blowing in the […]

  • Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. 02-25-2015

    Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of 2-25-2015 The photo for second flash fiction: My short explanation 113 words long: Dear Diary I don’t know what is happening around me! I eavesdropped on the creatures with two legs who call themselves human beings. There were many people around here yesterday. All talking about the same […]