Sunday Photo Fiction: Fences

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143 02 February 14th 2016

“Mummy look at those strange two-legged animals!”

Mum Rhino mumbled:” Don’t pay attention to them. I get so frustrated when I see them.”

“Why, mum, why can’t I play with them?” Baby Rhino started stamping his feet. Ready to give it a go. He felt the adrenaline building up in his veins.

“No, don’t you dare! The fence has power in it to give a pain shock through you. It can kill you!”

Baby Rhino did not believe his mother. He charged at the two-legged animals bumping into the fence in full force! A burning flame struck him in the face. Poor baby Rhino was lights out. Legs up in the air, he lay there for a few minutes. Mum Rhino was shocked; she tried to help him up. Suddenly baby Rhino came by, jumped up, shook his head and ran off. “I told you not to do it! If you don’t listen, you have to feel the consequences.”



Picture it and write : Saved

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Slowly the lovely girl emerged from the waves. She struggled to keep herself upright like all the strange beings on the beach. Looking down at where her legs were supposed to be: No legs, no feet! Nothing to stand on!

Suddenly a wave pushed her up the shore and out of the water. What should she do? She could not run back into the water, only a tail and no legs to balance herself.

Suddenly one of the two-legged beings picked her up. It had a calming effect on her; it put her back into the waves. She was so afraid that she would not reach the water in time. This creature saved her life. “I’ll always be grateful to you. You are blessed,” whispered the mermaid in the stranger’s ear.


FFfAW week January 19, 2016. Absorbed

The intruders from outer spaces’ spaceship were impossible to detect by the human eye.

XQB the leader looked through the small porthole. What it saw was good, very good.

The reflection of the setting sun covered everything in shades of gold. All the buildings sparkled.

XQB reported to the mother ship that it was time to investigate.

It opened the latch. Its tentacles gripped the side and then slithered to the ground.

As soon as XQB touched the dust it started disintegrating. The golden soil started absorbing the fluid in XQB’s tentacles.

That was the end of the investigation. XQB was no more!

Picture it and write: Enough is enough




“This won’t work!  Enough is enough!” Allan thought when he saw all the fish along the shore line. He could see dead fish. Some were still wriggling a bit but that would not last for long.

Allan, who relied on catching fish for a living was very upset. He knew who were responsible for the killing. Healthy full-grown fish, that could have given him a month’s income, all gone.

Rumours were around town the last few months. People who wanted him out of business. Allan was a hard working fisherman. He had his own small fish shop in town. The big fish factory did not like Allen. They knew people loved his fish. The Managers tried to cancel Allan’s fishing permit. He was the only fisherman who could catch fish in the bay. The big company wasn’t allowed because their fishing boats were too big. They also caught more than their quota and polluted the sea around them by dumping the leftovers near the bay.

Allan was ready to sue the company. He took out his camera and started taking photos. He’ll use them as evidence. This time, it will be the end of those cruel people!

Picture it and write: Broken


high speed photography

Suddenly a clap of thunder sounded through the house.

Kim woke up from her daydreams. She felt frightened and did not want to move from her rocking chair. She could hear no wind blowing and see no clouds drifting by through the window. What could it be? Kim slowly got up. She had to investigate. Nothing more than one clap! Slowly Kim moved to the dining room from where she thought the sound came from. Nothing unusual. She moved to the kitchen door. Suddenly she felt something wet under her bare feet. What the heck? Looking down Kim saw some water on the carpet. The water was dripping from the table cloth. Her gaze went up to the top of the table.

There was her flower arrangement flat out on the table. Her ancient vase was too fragile to hold the water and had burst open into thousand pieces.


Revenge. Picture it and write


She had been as fit as a fiddle. Ready for her fight that night. She thought of all the hate and hurt she had in her life. Her contestant was her biggest enemy since her affair with her fiance. That night would be her revenge.

She was dressed in special winning colors. Green was her best color. She always had something green for luck.

The bell announcing the first round made the adrenaline flow. She pumped her muscles. Ready for the first hit, full in the face. The two women tested each other.

Then, with one blow her fist hit the target. One blow and her enemy was flat out on her back in the ring. Counting… One…two…..ten..OUT!

She danced with joy. The winner again after only 10 seconds.

The crowd went crazy. They loved her performance.


FFfAW 4-8-2015 : Through the window.

I first thought of not writing this time.

I had a look at the photo and here it goes.

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Through the window

Here I am, waiting again for the follow up episode of suspense.

Yesterday was a really bad day. I was sitting right here. Looking out the window as we are doing just now.

I was listening to the lovely sound of the wind chimes. I love the sound, it is like angels playing a tinkling tune. Suddenly another noise was coming from the left side. A humming noise. Louder and louder till…..

I saw them. They were green and sparkling. They had these feelers on their heads. Their eyes were flashing red. It looked as if they were going to float right through the window. I sat nailed to my chair. They put a written sign against the window saying: We will be back tomorrow!

This is why I called you. I want you to see them and tell my daughter that they were really here.

153 words

Love and the detective. FFfAW


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Beth hurriedly, nearly ran down the pavement when she found the number of the building she was looking for. At last she thought.

She never saw the two eyes peeking over the top of the blue waste bin.

He was frowning and thinking: “Now I know your secret, little lady! Tony would be very happy to know this.” He kept on watching her. Suddenly someone came out to use the bin. They nearly dumped the waste on top of him.

Nearing the entrance of the building Beth slowed down. She took a deep  breath before entering.

After half an hour Beth exited the building on the arm of a well dressed gentleman. They were into each other  like two love birds.

“Ha, let me take a photo of them. But…… no ways…… it can’t be……..IT IS TONY himself” – that much for my detective work.

150 words

FFfAW week 5. 3/18/2015

FFfAW Week of 3/18/2015

Here we are. We are supposed to enter  through the roof.

I don’t know how we are going to succeed if we are still down in the garden without any equipment to climb the wall.

We were supposed to land  on top of the roof. The wind was blowing in the right direction while we were gliding. We had to land onto the roof as soon as we were near. It  would have been successful. But…..

Suddenly the wind  swirled around into the other direction away from the house. We quickly had to decide to anyway land as near as possible. That is where we  are now, in a very difficult situation.  We will never be in a position so that nobody would discover us. Our secret meeting with the judge is just 10 minutes away…….

A very important meeting blown away in the wind.

148 words