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  • Mickey the “wild” goat lamb.

    Mickey is a wild goat. She lost her goat mum and ran along with some sheep on a farm. The farmers usually gather their sheep when there are lambs. At times there would be some wild goats between the ewes and their lambs. This happened to Mickey. My friend adopted this goat and reared it […]


  • Two dogs on a farm

    This weekend was special for Trompie. He made a real friend and loved every moment of it. It all started with playing with some toys and then an old bone. There were a few old bones on the lawn when we arrived and Trompie picked one to chew on. Diego was rough in his actions. […]

  • In the Moment 7: After the farm visit.

  • A Photo a Week Challenge: Eyes

    IN A NEW POST CREATED FOR THIS CHALLENGE, SHARE A PHOTO OR TWO OF SOME OF THE EYES IN YOUR LIFE. Everyone is welcome to participate, even if your blog isn’t about photography. EYES I am companion sitter for a few days. This is Mia, just over a year old. She is just adorable.

  • Last day of the year 2019

    The last day of 2019 is done and dusted. Everybody is waiting for the big bang of midnight. I’ve taken some photos of my surroundings this afternoon. It was a hot day and the sheep and cows came up early to the gate to be fed. The valley below. Sheep in the paddock. Trompie sniffing […]

  • Relaxing on the farm

    Did you think I’m on holiday while house sitting? Wrong! I still take Trompie for his walk up and down a steep hill side. Trompie sniffing on the lawn and picking up some rabbit poo which he loves. After my walk. Feeding cat and bunnies. Then there is time to start my inside job. Last […]

  • Land of the long white cloud

    This morning I was greeted by the “Long white clouds. Just beautiful. The brown patch is where pine trees have been harvested this year. Al the dark tree patches are waiting to be cut down next year.

  • First aftrenoon on the farm again.

    Just beautiful. I fed the sheep and cat. Now I’m watching TV “The great escape” which I haven’t seen before! Tomorrow I’m having Christmas lunch with my good friend Jan.

  • Farm adventure in pictures.

    I had a good time on the farm. The weather was horrible and I had to stay inside the most of the time. I had to go out in the pouring rain to let the sheep into the paddock every day, feed the chickens who are way up the hill from the house. Sunday October […]

  • Afrikaanse Tokkels: Trekkery

      11 Maart 2018 Sondag. Vandag is ek weer in dieselfde huis waarin ek my eerste nege maande gebly het toe ek in Nieu Zeeland aangeland het. Ek is poegaai van al die in- en uitpakkery. Kinders het Woensdag 28 Februarie amptelik uit hul ou huis getrek. Die huis moes skoongemaak word die Saterdag. Matte […]

  • Windows: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

    Windows What do you see through yours?   Outside the bedroom window, my camera and I and the trees behind me.      

  • House sitting 1: First encounter

    My first night(Friday) was miserable because Meggie could not get herself to lie down in front of her Mum’s bed! She knew her Mum wasn’t there. She is sixteen already and full of arthritis. At the end, she managed. Saturday morning.Here are some photos of my new surroundings. Cold, wet, windy. Not a good start […]