Category: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

  • Lens-Artists Challenge#123 Neighbourhood.

    Lens-Artists Challenge #123 – Found in the Neighborhood LEYA says: Neighborhood – this might just mean taking a photo from the kitchen or office window, but, macro possibilities are obvious as well – a tiny neighbourhood with many new surprises Pony cart passing in the street. Upper Hutt New Zealand. Photo taken from my deck, […]


  • Lens-Artists Challenge#100 The winding road

    My best friend Trompie took the winding road with me every day during the eight weeks of lock down. He is still my best companion.

  • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #96: Cropping the Shot

    Christmas cactus. Original. The crop wasn’t what I wanted so I also dis a second crop. How to crop? Have a look at the following blog! This is also for PHOTOS BY JEZ Daily flower 🌺 Christmas Cactus

  • Water Water Everywhere #18 and Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #87 Reflection.

    I’m combining the water and reflection. Reflection on the mighty Zambezi River, Zimbabwe.

  • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #82: Literary Capitals

    This week, our guest host Viveka of My Guilty Pleasures. has chosen the theme of “capitals” for our Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #82.  Perfect, Viveka! Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#81:Find something RED

    Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.~Bill Blass For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, we’re inviting you to a photo scavenger hunt to find things that are red. In Afrikaans we say: “‘n Oulap se rooi is mooi.” Meaning :just a spot of red makes things beautiful. If you are interested in joining in the photo fun, please […]