NaNoWriMo: Halfway 25 395 words, yeah!

National Novel Writing Month

Day eleven:

November 11; 2017 words

Still on people I met and befriended in Potgietersrus.

Day twelve:

November 12: 1706 words

Changes in South Africa after democratic elections.

Newspaper clippings

Day thirteen:

November 13: 1876 words

Concerts during my teaching career.

Working in libraries as librarians.

Total word count for thirteen days:

I DID IT: 25 395 words HALF WAY of 50 000.

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Bringing back sweet memories

Don Williams was never my favourite but his songs bring back nostalgic memories from days of being in love with my husband before we got married and during the first years after our marriage.





Coffee black, cigarettes
Start this day, like all the rest
First thing every morning that I do
Is start missing you

Some broken hearts never mend
Some memories never end
Some tears will never dry
My love for you will never die

Rendezvous in the night
A willing woman to hold me tight
But in the middle of love’s embrace
I see your face

Some broken hearts never mend
Some memories never end
Some tears will never dry
My love for you will never die



The second and last week of the holidays. I had a lot to do this morning.

Had to arrange an appointment for tomorrow with my gardener. Walk Trompie. Pack orders and get them ready to be posted.

Off I went about 10:30 am. Went to the Doggy parlour to make an appointment for Trompie’s groom. The lady was fully booked up until May 22.  Lucky for me she made an exception to groom him on Saturday, May 5th.

Then to the post office.

At 11:30 am I entered Pack-and-Save to buy my week’s groceries. I was halfway through when the alarm went off inside the store.

I thought: “What now?”

I left my trolley while the alarm was still screaming. I had experienced a few alarms going off in South Africa.

Then came the command: “Evacuate the store!” Only once.

No rush nothing! Workers were all moving out to the door encouraging the public to do so too. I saw that some elderly people were helped to get outside.

We had to move out onto the parking lot in the front of the shop. After about 5 minutes the fire brigade arrived.

I waited behind some workers.


One of the workers came to me and asked if I was okay and explained that the fire brigade had to first declare the place save before we could move back inside.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience to hear the alarm and to move outside.

It was only a fire drill!

Afrikaanse Tokkels: Autograph Boekie

n Stukkie uit my verlede.

Noudat ek besig is met my Memoirs kom ek op interessante dinge af. My volgende deel gaan oor my lewe op skool d w s van sewe jaar af tot my 22e jaar. Dit is dus eerste skooljaar tot en met my opleiding as Senior Primêre onderwyseres.
Frannie skryf oor haar sakkie met kaartjies wat sy in die kas gekry het. Dit was vervloë dae se kaartjies. Ek noem toe van my “Autograph” boekie waarin my oupa nog n stukkie geskryf het.
Ek wil dit graag met julle deel.

Netjies oorgetrek en bewaar.(2018)

My enigste tante(Pa se suster) het n autograph boekie gekoop en dit namens my niggie aan my opgedra.
Die eerste blaaitjie het my Oupa(van moederskant wat enigste oupa nog was)in n bewerige handskrif n mooi stukkie geskryf.

Oupa se stukkie

Dit was vir my twaalfde verjaarsdag in 1958.

Die volgende blaaitjie het my Ma geskryf.

Mamma se stukkie

Daarna het my tante geskryf en toe my niggie.

Kleinsus het geskryf en
Ousus ook.

Ek is spyt my Pa het nie ook n stukkie geskryf nie. Daaraan kan ek niks verander nie.
My Skoolhoof in Laerskool het geskryf. Hy het die laaste twee laerskool jare vir my skool gehou.


In die Hoërskool het onderwysers in my boekie geskryf.
Ek was vir twee jaar in een skool wat toe op die einde opgedeel is en ek is na die nuwe skool. In standerd sewes(die laaste jaar in ou skool) het ek al die onderwysers iets laat skryf. My trots is dat Rudi Neitz, my Duitse onderwyser, n stukkie geskryf het. Hy was n bekende sanger.

Rudi Neitz

Dan is daar my matriek jaar se onderwysers se handtekeninge. My Klasonderwyser wat Engels gegee het het ook geskryf.

Daarna het van my kamermaats op Kollege inskrywings gedoen.
My eerst hoof waarby ek skool gehou het is die laaste een wat iets geskryf het.
Heerlike herinneringe.

Baby talk: Born 29 December 2016

Not a Christmas baby

Not a New Years baby

but a

Between the two baby!

My little “girly” was born


just after 11 am.

Here are two photos of her, 24 hours after birth.

I saw her again on day four.


I am so proud of being a granny to little Beatrix.

I am also very proud of Stella. the Mummy, for delivering this little treasure into the Kruger family.

Thank you Bertus, I am so proud of  the way you handled the birth of your little


Being a parent is one of the world’s most wonderful


May God bless the three of you.

31 days of five minutes free writes : calling

31 Days logo - 2015

I am very new at this five minute writing. I’ll get into the fling of it very soon.

My goal for the month of October is to write on personal experiences in a new country that I can call my home by now after 6 years.

The challenge is to write for five minutes on a topic without stopping. No corrections, just straight as it is.

Here is my FMFW:

Prompt word:  CALLING

The calling to come to New Zealand was at the end of 2008 very clear. I had arranged everything to make a clean move. Since my son moved to NZ in 2005 the calling started. Circumstances in South Africa were deteriorating. As a single, older woman was not very safe to live on my own. I sold my property and had to move into another unit for the two years before I could answer the call from a distant country. Sometimes South Africa still calls me back and I miss my family and friends there.