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  • Friendship on a Tuesday

    Friendship Tuesday Tuesdays are my special friend days. Every Tuesday morning 10.30 am we meet for a cuppa. There are many cafes or coffee shops in Upper Hutt. We decide each time where we would go and rotate them during the year. I invited my friend to go with me, on my account, to Queensgate […]

  • Relaxing on the farm

    Did you think I’m on holiday while house sitting? Wrong! I still take Trompie for his walk up and down a steep hill side. Trompie sniffing on the lawn and picking up some rabbit poo which he loves. After my walk. Feeding cat and bunnies. Then there is time to start my inside job. Last […]

  • Land of the long white cloud

    This morning I was greeted by the “Long white clouds. Just beautiful. The brown patch is where pine trees have been harvested this year. Al the dark tree patches are waiting to be cut down next year.

  • First aftrenoon on the farm again.

    Just beautiful. I fed the sheep and cat. Now I’m watching TV “The great escape” which I haven’t seen before! Tomorrow I’m having Christmas lunch with my good friend Jan.

  • NaNoWriMo: Halfway 25 395 words, yeah!

    Day eleven: November 11; 2017 words Still on people I met and befriended in Potgietersrus. Day twelve: November 12: 1706 words Changes in South Africa after democratic elections. Newspaper clippings Day thirteen: November 13: 1876 words Concerts during my teaching career. Working in libraries as librarians. Total word count for thirteen days: I DID IT: […]

  • Bringing back sweet memories

    Don Williams was never my favourite but his songs bring back nostalgic memories from days of being in love with my husband before we got married and during the first years after our marriage.         Coffee black, cigarettes Start this day, like all the rest First thing every morning that I do […]

  • Evacuation!

    The second and last week of the holidays. I had a lot to do this morning. Had to arrange an appointment for tomorrow with my gardener. Walk Trompie. Pack orders and get them ready to be posted. Off I went about 10:30 am. Went to the Doggy parlour to make an appointment for Trompie’s groom. The […]

  • Baby Talk: Bea in the kitchen

    Playing while Mum and Dad were moving their stuff two weeks ago. Look Granny!  

  • Afrikaanse Tokkels: Autograph Boekie

    n Stukkie uit my verlede. Noudat ek besig is met my Memoirs kom ek op interessante dinge af. My volgende deel gaan oor my lewe op skool d w s van sewe jaar af tot my 22e jaar. Dit is dus eerste skooljaar tot en met my opleiding as Senior Primêre onderwyseres. Frannie skryf […]

  • Baby talk: Born 29 December 2016

    Not a Christmas baby Not a New Years baby but a Between the two baby! My little “girly” was born 2016/12/29 just after 11 am. Here are two photos of her, 24 hours after birth. I saw her again on day four. I am so proud of being a granny to little Beatrix. I am […]

  • School Stories: Wacky Hair Friday

    I really enjoy my time at school immensely. There is never a dull moment when children are around you. Today is WACKY HAIR FRIDAY    

  • 31 days of five minutes free writes : calling

    I am very new at this five minute writing. I’ll get into the fling of it very soon. My goal for the month of October is to write on personal experiences in a new country that I can call my home by now after 6 years. The challenge is to write for five minutes on […]