Breathtaking Sunrise

We had rain, rain and more rain the whole week.

Thursday morning I opened my curtains just before six am. The sky was breathtaking, I had to take some photos.

6 am still dark but awesome
half an hour later

Hollyhock: Flower Power


The photos were taken early in the morning.

The following were taken during morning bright sunshine.

Some pink ones too!

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Alcea rosea

Alcea rosea (common hollyhock; syn. Althaea chinensis Wall., Althaea ficifolia Cav., Althaea rosea Cav.) is an ornamental plant in theMalvaceae family.

It was imported into Europe from southwestern China during, or possibly before, the 15th century.[1] William Turner, a herbalist of the time, gave it the name “holyoke” from which the English name derives.

Photo 101, Day Twenty: Triumph and Contrast

Krista says: Triumph comes in all shapes and sizes:

Today’s Tip: Triumph usually denotes drama of some sort, no matter whether it’s big or small. Playing with contrast is a great way to enhance your photos for a more dramatic effect.

Drama in these two photos shows how an early

misty morning looked on yesterday.

Looks as if taken in black and white-

not at all was full color in landscape.

Wider view of foggy morning
Wider view of foggy morning

Little bit more zoomed in
Little bit more zoomed in

Triumph for me because I was early enough to take these lovely photos.

Photo 101, Day Ten: Mystery + lighting effects


Golden hour.

(My favorite photo!)

Golden hour NZ
Golden hour NZ

Golden hour Upper Hutt
Golden hour Upper Hutt

Mystery and lighting

Sun shining through clouds Middle of the day
Sun shining through clouds Middle of the day

Little bit of changing in the lighting to give a mystic effect.


 Cheri says:

A photograph can create a certain mood and communicate an idea that transcends its subject.

What do you say?

Photo 101, Day Nine : Warmth and quality of light

Today’s Tip: If you’d like to experiment more, consider the direction and quality of light. First, let’s talk about front light and side light.

Front light is great for outdoor landscapes and group portraits, and can certainly capture warmth. Side light is fun to experiment with, especially for portraiture, fine art, and architecture.

Photo one:

Light from the right side

Light from the right
Light from the right

Photo two

Light from the front.

Over exposed because the sun was already shining fully on it.

Light from the front
Light from the front

Photo three

Back lighting and also early sun (golden hour)

light from the back
light from the back

Which photo do you like best? Why?