Bea and her rocking horse.

I had a wonderful time looking after Bea while Daddy worked in the garage. At first we played with her play dough. Just after eleven Daddy came in to have a cup of coffee. Bea took Daddies hand and led him to the bedroom. She wanted to ride on the rocking horse.

Bea helped Daddy to carry the horse to the lounge.

Then it was time for the ride.

Bea loved the soft hairy mane of the horse. She kept on touching the mane forgetting that she was riding the horse.

Then she got tired, turned the horse on its side and curled up next to it. I covered them with her blanket.

Sweet little girl!

Bringing back sweet memories

Don Williams was never my favourite but his songs bring back nostalgic memories from days of being in love with my husband before we got married and during the first years after our marriage.





Coffee black, cigarettes
Start this day, like all the rest
First thing every morning that I do
Is start missing you

Some broken hearts never mend
Some memories never end
Some tears will never dry
My love for you will never die

Rendezvous in the night
A willing woman to hold me tight
But in the middle of love’s embrace
I see your face

Some broken hearts never mend
Some memories never end
Some tears will never dry
My love for you will never die


Read me a story!

Sunday Bea and her parents visited the sick Ouma. It was the first time that Bea came into my lounge and discovered her own shelve with her BOOKS. She enjoyed running from the shelve to one of us showing the books. Then it was time for reading. She picked up a book, jumped on her mum’s lap and started paging while mum tried reading.


The photos are not very clear because Bea kept on moving and wiggling.

Baby Talk: Surprise visit

Guess who came to visit me yesterday?



two weeks and three days.


Happy and proud Mummy.


Photos from a week earlier!

Parents were dog tired!

I took over from Daddy

At the end, the best place was still on daddies chest!


Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner: Trustful eyes



The opening sentence for the February 12th, Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: “……. For the thousandth time, I promise you, it wasn’t me!” (Permission for this NOT be the opening sentence, but only a sentence included somewhere in your story….granted.)


Looking into her pleading puppy eyes made me smile. Fanny looked up from the bottom of the stairs. Nothing gave anything away that mischief had taken place a minute ago. Suddenly Jack, only four, came rushing in. All covered in chocolate. He stopped dead in his steps when he saw me at the top of the stairs. I put up a face that showed no amusement. Fanny wagged her tail in excitement. Jack stuttered: “Not me….no no.” He stopped and saw my angry face. “Mummy, it was Fanny……for the thousandth time, I PROMISE, it wasn’t me!” I could not help myself; I had to laugh at the picture of innocence on both faces. How could I be angry!

My father : Flash back 1993

I want to share the following about my dear father.

On Fridays I attend a writing group in our local library.

I have been writing anecdotes since 2012.

At this stage I am using my older writings and edit and also expand them.

For today we had to do a short description of a person.

Illustrate characteristics of the character.

Use some conversation to illustrate it.

Here is my description of my father:


My father was about 5’7”/1.7 m.. tall, not very thin but also not really fat more stocky. As long as I can remember he did not have much hair, only a ring around the lower part of his head. My parents always explained this balding:”… The military cap stopped the hair growing because he had to wear it every day and night during the war..”

My father wasn’t a man of many words and jokes. He did not smile or laugh much.I was always looking to please him because he was very strict. It seems that he was a perfectionist when it came to planning and doing things.

I think he loved to work in the garage, fixing his car when it was broken.(Maybe he hated it, and had to do it. I will never know) He was really handy when it came to fixing and planning the best ways. He was the patriarch of the family. We obeyed him in everything.

Even after I had my own family my father still ruled and wanted me to do things as he wanted it up till his death.

On his death bed he still told my son, who was only 13: “Don’t be like your father. Look well after your mother!”

He also went on: “You have to come back to the Reformed Church.” I went over to my husband’s church the Dutch Reformed Church. It shows, till the end he wanted his way.

My father even had an argument with my mother before he passed away about her love for him.

He asked my mother:” Do you love me?” She answered “Yes, always will”. He went on: “Impossible you can’t love a person like me. You don’t love me.” Those words broke my mother’s heart. She had given her everything to him and our family. Afterwards she could not stop crying. I told her that he did not mean it like that.

This whole episode made me feel so sad and my heart yearned to wipe out those last words.

New life : Monday finish the story – May 18, 2015

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with:  “The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out.”

Jack had to hurry up to board the submarine. They were on their way!

Two days ago Jack had a phone call from Anne informing him that she could not marry him. No explanation, nothing. He felt helpless and sad. It felt as if the whole world had given way under him.

He thought of taking his own life but first went to the pub. At that moment captain Todd was recruiting sailors.  Two  of his old hands had the flu. Jack explained to Todd that he could navigate a ship. Deal done!

Jack had to take Spock to the kennels. He arranged that his sister would pick Spock up and look after him. Jack quickly threw some underwear, t-shirts and shorts in a plastic bag and off he went.

To hell with Anne!

147 words

Mondays Finish the Story

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week 150 : Lonely bench

Jack, Anne and Spock returned home after a lovely exotic island  holiday.

Every moment was perfect. Anne overthought her life and what she wanted to do next. Jack had the opportunity to get to know Anne better. Spock loved all the luxury of an own bed, food served every day. His hair was now shiny and clean.

All three friends were happy and loved each other.

After arriving home Anne decided to go to the place where she tried to take her own life. She sat for a while on the lonely bench reminiscing the past weeks. She felt very content and happy.