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  • Love is in Da Blog 2020 Day 28 Love song containing a color

    Can you believe it? We are nearly finished with “Love Is In Da Blog 2020”! Time flew by in good company and with lovely music. Thanks so much for your participation!!! You rock!!! Barbara gave us today’s prompt and it is: A love song that contains color BLOU by Laurika Rauch Blou (Blue) AS […]


  • Love is in Da Blog 2020 Day 21 flowers and love

    Today’s intriguing prompt is from Barbara: Find a song with love & flowers. Thanks Barbara!!!!! Please head over to her wonderful blog “Teleporting Weena” and find out more about her and her interests. Today it is an Afrikaans song by Pieter Smith – Blomme(flowers) Blomme Vir jou sal ek blomme koop Tot my geld op […]

  • Love is in Da Blog 2020 Day 20 Don Williams

    Hop over to Coffee black, cigarettesStart this day, like all the restFirst thing every morning that I doIs start missing you Some broken hearts never mendSome memories never endSome tears will never dryMy love for you will never die Rendezvous in the nightA willing woman to hold me tightBut in the middle of love’s […]

  • Love is in Da Blog 2020 Day 13

    Today’s prompt is from Di at Pensitivity101 and is a “Love Song for a Parent”.  But you love me Daddy Your five year old faceIs a dirty disgraceBut you love me, daddyYou scatter your toysAnd you make too much noiseBut you love me, daddyYou know little ladYou can be pretty badBut you love me, daddyYou wake me […]

  • Love is in Da Blog 2020 Day 11

    Today’s prompt is by me( Bee Halton) and suggests to find a song from the year we were born. Hmmm, I am aware, that not everybody wants to divulge the year of their birth but I was never bothered. When I looked up music from the year I was born a found Old blue eyes- […]

  • Love is in Da Blog 2020 Day 9: Country songs about love

    Today’s prompt comes from Barbara at Teleporting Weena and is “Find country songs about love”. Thanks Barbara for your suggestion! 🙂 This is again in Afrikaans. Juanita du Plessis is a well known love song country singer in South Africa. For more information on this challenge please click om the following link.

  • Love Is In Da Blog 2020 prompt for day 8

    A Song about love that lasts Please head over to Jim’s blog A Unique Title for me and say hello. You will find lots more music and most of all lots of information about musicians and songs. Brilliant! If he brings you happinessThen I wish you all the bestIt’s your happiness that matters most of allBut if […]

  • Love is in Da Blog Day 4: A love song for your first love. Liefdeslied vir jou eerste liefde.

    Bee at says: While my goal for this year’s “Love Is In Da Blog” is to find lots of music from a variety of countries with music we don’t necessarily know, I can’t find one like that for all of our prompts. Today is such a day. The prompt was to find a song for […]

  • Soul songs about love (in Afrikaans)

    Translation in English So gaan jy weer nooit weer met my praat nie?Ek praat met jou!‘n Man het ook ‘n hart, Karla.Wat sê jy?Ek sê: Die son bak hard.Moet jy nie êrens wees nie?As jy ooit gewonder het: Ek het nooit my hart vir jou geleen nie.Ek het dit vir jou gegee. Maak nie […]