Wordless Wednesday: hydrangea


Veggie garden

January 2019 is halfway. The weather is hot and dry. I have to water my veggie garden to keep them fresh and growing.

They are growing that’s sure!

Lettuce, spinach. onions , capsicum and tomatoes.

I’m looking forward to picking them.

Silent Sunday: Bad weather last week


Last week we had bad weather. The wind blew at 120km p hour, day and night. It rained ongoing. Last Thursday when I went home the rain stopped but the clouds rolling nearer and nearer frightened me. The photo doesn’t show how black these clouds were. Lucky for me I turned off to the right to where I live.

This weekend we had lovely sunshine and no rain.

Lady Duck basking in the sun.

Arriving at school just before 3 pm Lady Duck was on the fence basking in the bit of sunshine. She just stood up, stretched her legs when I opened the car door.

“Quak, quak!” she said and down she went going on with her basking! The creek flows at the other side of the fence.