Christmas dinner: Aston Norwood NZ

Last night we had our end of year dinner at Aston Norwood gardens.

Before dinner we did some archery and clay pigeon shooting. The weather wasn’t the best but we still did it.


National Novel Writing Month 2019

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New book: My diary May 2019



I started my writing journey in 2012. Every Friday afternoon interested writers join the “It’s write Easy” writing group in our local library in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. We write short anecdotes about our lives, read it to each other and comment on each others writing.

Every year we as writers put a book together using pieces of writing from the past year. This year I wrote daily entrants in my diary for the month of May. I plan to publish it in an online book(eBook).

Last day on the farm

I had an adventurous ten days out on a farm high up in the hills. This is my last day.

The last day arrived. I systematically got my stuff ready to pack the car. In the meantime, I fed the cats, rabbits, and Trompie(my dog).

I let Trompie out at the front. He explored the nearby hillside while I climbed the seven steps up and down with all my stuff. I was worried at first that it would rain which luckily didn’t happen.

I vacuumed and put everything back as I found it. After lunch, I lay down and rested a bit. I washed the dishes, at four o’clock I fed the cats. chickens and the rabbits.

It was near five o’clock when I chased the sheep back into their home paddock. Two sheep were still missing.

As I climbed into the car, I hurt my leg against the car door. It was a bloody mess. I put a tissue on it, and put my tracksuit pants bottom elastic over the tissue and wound so it stayed in place. It helped to stop the bleeding. 

When I came down the hill near the main road, the lost ewe and her lamb almost had reached the main road. Fortunately, there were two ladies on the other side of the two sheep. The sheep were standing and wondering where to go next. I pulled off the road to see if I could drive them back home. Then a car came by, which drove the two sheep to one side of the road, without stopping or slowing down. I got out of the car to chase the two up the hill. A little way from the car, the car’s horn started to blow. Trompie stood with his front feet on the steering wheel and onto the hooter. I went back and told  him to get off the hooter which he did. I went back to chasing the two sheep. I got behind them, and they ran full speed up the road and hill. I hoped they found their way home. In the meantime, one lady approached me. She was the owner of the farm where I stopped in front of the gate. She helped to catch a runaway dog, ​​and now the two runaway sheep too. She also said that one of her sheep had a late lamb. 

She also explained that the sheep are frequently released or allowed to run between other farms, which is not fair to her. Leanna usually fetches them at the end of the day. The neighbour, who called me, also said something about the way the sheep graze on other farms.

I safely returned home and unpacked the car. I was overtired when I got home, and bought fish and chips for dinner. 

Tuesday morning I was so tired it felt as if a train had hit me as I  got up. I had the usual Tuesday morning tea with Jan.

That was the last of my ten days on the farm for the holidays.

Liewe Dagboek: Dag 3 Mei

Dag drie was heel rustig.

5.50 vm gaan die wekker af. Ek skakel hom af. Kyk gou watter e-posse daar is(nie dat ek lekker sonder my bril kan sien nie.)Skakel bedliggie aan.
Badkamer besoek. Kombuis toe, skakel ketel en radio aan. Maak gordyne oop en my eerste koppie tee. Stort. Drink my tee.
6.25 vm stap ek en Trompie om blok.
Eet my pap. Borsel tande en
7.15 vm in my moter en weg is ek vir n uurtjie.
7.25 vm – sluit skool oop en skakel alarm af. Sluit my klas oop en eerste kinders begin kom
7.30 vm
8.30 vm Kinders is weg na hul klasse. Ek maak klas toe, handig register in en weg is ek.
8.45 vm Tuis by Trompie. Ons loop meestal vir so dertig minute elke oggend.
9.30 vm sit voor rekenaar en kontroleer die bestellings en pak pakkies. Na tien gaan pos ek die bestellings en dan het ek so n uurtjie vir myself om iets te doen.
12.00 vm toebroodjie en cup of soup. Dan my Nannienap.
2.30 nm spring in my kar, land 2.40 nm weer by skool. Twee ure toesig tot 5 uur.
5.15 nm loop om blok met Trompie, dan is dit aandete maak.
Sjoe ek is skoon uitasem van alles.
Dit in kort waar my tyd daagliks heen vlieg.
Vandag se gebeure.
Ek het vanoggend eers my stuk vir my skryfsessie geskryf. Dit neem my maklik twee ure om n bladsy voorleesbaar te skryf.
Vanmiddag se skryfsessie was baie lekker. Ons was net drie gewees en het die geleentheid gehad om gedagtes oor ons lewens uit te ruil. Ek geniet die sessies baie. Dit gee my die geleentheid om meer oor Nieu Zeeland te leer en hul gewoontes. Ook help dit my engelse taalgebruik. Met tye sukkel ek maar om my uit te druk en alles reg te skryf .
My mede skrywers is altyd baie geinteresseerd in my Suid-Afrikaanse vertellings. Ek het hierdie week oor die vloede in Mosambiek geskryf en oor vloede en siklone in die verled in SA.
Nou sit ek en gaan nou gou die skrywe pos want dis die Graham Norton Show wat ek baie geniet. Tot more my liewe dagboek.

Friendly Friday Photo Challange: Coral-ish Colors


Created with Adobe Spark

Snow at

When I saw that Living Coral was chosen as the Pantone colour of the year 2019, I thought: perfect, let’s make “living coral” this week’s prompt! (And I like the eco-friendly, discreetly critical emphasis on living.)

What do you think of my photos, are they coral-ish enough?

Bath salt