The night of January 31 up to early morning February 1, 2018

Today’s lunar eclipse was the first to coincide with a Blue Moon – a second full moon in one month – in North America in over 150 years. It was also the second “supermoon” of 2018, with the moon appearing slightly bigger and brighter than usual due to its closeness to Earth. And to top it off, the supermoon passed through Earth’s shadow this morning, casting a reddish hue on the lunar surface for more than 4 hours.

After this awesome display, I woke up, got ready to go to school for the first before school care session. Opening my front door I saw the following daybreak.

That Thursday afternoon all hell broke loose over New Zealand with a cyclone battering the country.  There were King tides after the moon’s display the night before.

We survived but some people were not so lucky.

Cloudy next day: One Word Photo Challenge


I have to put up the clouds of this morning after

yesterdays heavy downpours.

They expect more heavy rain this afternoon and tonight.

I took the clouds the same places as yesterday.

It is nearly 12:00 am and the rain is back!

Cloudy : One word photo Challenge

This week’s topic is Cloudy!

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Today was an extra cloudy day.

Rain, rain, rain.

Flooding, flooding, flooding

From my front door
From my front door
Back left
Back left
Back more to the right
Back more to the right
From my back deck
From my back deck

These clouds brought heavy torrential rain to lower parts of the North Island. Both State High Ways were closed due to slips and flooding. It is still raining heavily – 8:40 pm.

I have not seen the Hutt River as full as it is at the moment.

Luckily I live higher up the hill. The river won’t reach me.

Transport options as Wellington region is paralysed by slips and flooding gallery video

One word photo challenge: RAIN

This week’s topic is Rain!

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After the rain there are rain drops everywhere!