Another toadstool!

Last three to four weeks we had unusual weather. It was still just over 20 degrees C which is quite hot for this time of year. We also had a lot of rain too.   The warm weather brought two cyclones. Cyclone Debbie was the first one and less than a week it was followed by cyclone Cook. Debbie did not reach us in the lower North Island but cyclone Cook brought heavy rain and strong winds.  People were asked to put their long weekend arrangements on hold because some roads were expected to wash away, slips could also occur.

As soon as the weather cleared again I found more toadstools popping out. I found these on the lawn on the roadside.


Picture it and write: Enough is enough




“This won’t work!  Enough is enough!” Allan thought when he saw all the fish along the shore line. He could see dead fish. Some were still wriggling a bit but that would not last for long.

Allan, who relied on catching fish for a living was very upset. He knew who were responsible for the killing. Healthy full-grown fish, that could have given him a month’s income, all gone.

Rumours were around town the last few months. People who wanted him out of business. Allan was a hard working fisherman. He had his own small fish shop in town. The big fish factory did not like Allen. They knew people loved his fish. The Managers tried to cancel Allan’s fishing permit. He was the only fisherman who could catch fish in the bay. The big company wasn’t allowed because their fishing boats were too big. They also caught more than their quota and polluted the sea around them by dumping the leftovers near the bay.

Allan was ready to sue the company. He took out his camera and started taking photos. He’ll use them as evidence. This time, it will be the end of those cruel people!

Picture it and write: Broken


high speed photography

Suddenly a clap of thunder sounded through the house.

Kim woke up from her daydreams. She felt frightened and did not want to move from her rocking chair. She could hear no wind blowing and see no clouds drifting by through the window. What could it be? Kim slowly got up. She had to investigate. Nothing more than one clap! Slowly Kim moved to the dining room from where she thought the sound came from. Nothing unusual. She moved to the kitchen door. Suddenly she felt something wet under her bare feet. What the heck? Looking down Kim saw some water on the carpet. The water was dripping from the table cloth. Her gaze went up to the top of the table.

There was her flower arrangement flat out on the table. Her ancient vase was too fragile to hold the water and had burst open into thousand pieces.


Cut the crap! Picture it and write


Nearing the end of the year reminded me of times that had not been as straight as a road with dotted lines. Mishaps happen. Time changes.

I went to see my family. Worst thing I could have done. I did not inform them that I was on my way, let alone that I wanted to speak to them.

Reaching my destination at seven that the morning, all was quiet. I knocked on the door. Still no movement or sound.  Suddenly a noise came from the back yard. I rushed to the back. There they were. Both still in their pajamas. My fiance and my sister.

In my mind I took scissors and cut the straight line I lived in half.

“Cut the crap! I hate both of you. You both are not welcome in my life.” I went back and ended the relationship. Ending it was not easy but had been worth it.


Revenge. Picture it and write


She had been as fit as a fiddle. Ready for her fight that night. She thought of all the hate and hurt she had in her life. Her contestant was her biggest enemy since her affair with her fiance. That night would be her revenge.

She was dressed in special winning colors. Green was her best color. She always had something green for luck.

The bell announcing the first round made the adrenaline flow. She pumped her muscles. Ready for the first hit, full in the face. The two women tested each other.

Then, with one blow her fist hit the target. One blow and her enemy was flat out on her back in the ring. Counting… One…two…..ten..OUT!

She danced with joy. The winner again after only 10 seconds.

The crowd went crazy. They loved her performance.


Wrong dice : Picture it and write

The wrong dice


The dice did not fall in the right places! Shame on the dealers.

Katy had never been very lucky when it came to gambling. She thought that she would try it for the last time and then never do it again if she lost.

It was time for the usual evening “gambling”session in the retirement village. They were not allowed to gamble openly. Mark had arranged for the five friends to meet in his garage. He had some space to put a table, chairs and some candles to light up the place.

All five were sitting around the table waiting for the last throw. Katy took the dice. Shook them and also blew on them.

She threw them. They rolled. One, a two and a one! She could not believe her bad luck again.

She had to take out her dentures, that was all she still owned.

154 words


Swords: Picture it and write


“What happened to me? Why are all these Roman swords around my seat?” Laelia could not believe it. She remembered walking down Main Street with her friends. Suddenly everything went black as if she was pulled down a long tunnel. Down, down she went.

She closed her eyes and it felt as if she was floating on her back.

With a soft thumb she was pushed down in a sitting position.

Laelia opened her eyes. Unbelievable!

She was all dressed up in the softest clothes. She felt like a royal woman. Then again her thoughts went back to the situation, her sitting on the seat with all those weapons around her.

“Hail to Laelia! Hail to our princess!” people were shouting.

Suddenly with a thud Laelia woke up! She was spread out, legs in casts after a nasty fall while walking down the street with her friends.


The map : Picture it and Write 74


The gang leader decided that he was going to do something to shock the community.

He knew they hated him for the ways he used to eliminate people and animals. It felt good to him when he thought back of all the occasions he used his gang members to do the job for him.

Looking at the map he had sent out to the community made him grin. He warned them to be on the lookout. He was ready to destroy them all!

The map showed the creek running through the small town. One could see something unusual growing in the water. On the flyer he had a website link printed which people could lock into.

People love to click on those links he thought. That was where the countdown would start.

Each one who opened it would be caught by the spell he had put on line.



Brute force : Picture it and write – 71.


Rover thought: “ Those humans think they know what brute force is! I’ll show them something today.”

Rover was a placid loving black dog. He loved to run around chasing birds and sometimes stray cats too. His master liked to take him out for long walks. Rover hated one thing. He hated it when his master grabbed a stick and shouted at him: Fetch Rover, fetch. Then the next command: Bring Rover Bring.

One day Rover’s master was lazy. He stayed on the veranda and threw the stick.

Rover thought : Grrr I hate this.  He charged after the stick. Grabbed it and ran back. Running up the stairs Rover got caught by the rails.  He tried to force his way up with no avail. The more Rover growled the less he could go forward. He was so angry that suddenly pushed so hard  the stick snapped and he could reach the top. Wagging his tail Rover threw both pieces in front of his master.

167 words


Roots in the desert : Picture it & Write no 69

Roots in the desert?

Original image found here:

Original image found here:

My story

Impossible, this could not be real Luke thought.

Traveling the Namib desert brought a lot of bad luck to the group of tourists.

They used a rented camper van to tour the desert.

First bad luck, the camper van  had a flat tyre. Lucky the spare tyre was all pumped and good to go.

Next the engine overheated. They were deep in the desert, no reception.

Luke decided to climb the nearest dune. Climbing the dune wasn’t easy. At the top Luke fell flat on his tummy, exhausted.

When he opened his eyes he saw this huge foot. It looked like the foot of a big bird.

“Only one foot! Where was the other one?” he thought. Squinting up, not a bird at all. It was a dinosaur.

“What now? Run won’t help. Lying still might help, but for how long?” Luke was in a flat spin.

The dinosaur’s beak picked Luke up and dropped him next to the camper van.

“Wake up Luke, we have to move on if we want to be back in Solitaire.”

Luke woke up with a jolt. Off they went on the next leg of their trip.

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