Sparkling night sky : Picture it and write 67

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Creative Writing Exercise: Stardust

The  3 hikers were tired and felt lost. They did not know where they were. The sky was dark, they could only see a shimmering of stars through the tree tops. They kept on walking.

Suddenly there was an opening and they stood on the edge of a high cliff overlooking a valley.

What a magnificent sight enfolded in front of the them. At first they could not speak.

“I can’t believe what I see,” said one.

“It looks like someone is floating up into the night sky. Covered in a coat of sparkling diamonds and soft fluffy wool.” “ Impossible it can’t be,” said another one.

It was the place from where the Vampire tribe sent their members to explore the universe. The hikers  were nearly home. They only had to send the message and the messengers would  pick them up. At last!

Word count 147


Something fishy. Picture it and write

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Original image found at The Design Work.

Original image found at The Design Work.

Something fishy.

“Grandma! Mum! Dad! Where are you?” Sally was very excited. She had to find her parents and grandma. “Ooooo I have a wonderful surprise for them,” she thought.

Grandpa took Sally fishing early that morning. Sally caught two fish. She and grandpa prepared a surprise for grandma and her parents.

It was now time for the surprise. The three people Sally was looking for were in the sitting room  watching the news.

“Why are you shouting? We can hear you! What is wrong?” Grandma asked.

“Come with me all three of you. I have a surprise in the kitchen,” Sally eagerly answered.

All three  got up and followed Sally into the kitchen.

Grandma was the first one to react on the decoration on the table! She just said: “I can’t believe it…” and fainted on the spot! Mum and dad gasped. This was a good one Sally!

Day after the night before. Picture it and write

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This weeks photo

Original image found on Pinterest

Original image found on Pinterest

Looking up from where Joe was lying, on his tummy, in the middle of the hard gravel road he saw ….

What? Unbelievable!

Are there that many bottles left on the side of the road?

Joe could not remember anything. He had a headache and as soon as he lift up his head the whole world was spinning, he felt sick.

He slowly just lift his head up so he could rest his chin on the tarmac. Slowly he opened his eyes. The sunlight was so bright he quickly had to close them again. Again he tried. Through nearly closed eyes he looked at the object in front of him. He reached out to grab a bottle but no, no bottle. It was only his sunglasses reflecting the bottles.

Suddenly there was a screeching of tires and angry voices were ringing in his ears. “Stop shouting, my head, oh……”


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grocery store aisle

What am I going to do? I need to find the precious healing “moetie”.

This shop is supposed to have it. I can’t find it!…

Must I ask the shop lady? I don’t want to because then the witch doctor’s followers  will find me again.

The old witch told me to make haste and find the human fingers. If I bring it to her she would tell me if Stephen, my brother, is still alive and save. She needs the fingers for her own medicine too.

Wait a minute! What is this?

Yes, yes, it has to be the right one. Let me have a look. The invaders cut off both his little fingers. There are two fingers in here.  Now to quickly pay and hurry back to the witch without anyone seeing me.

Oh no, there they are! I need to get out of here…….

word count: 149


Sweet memories. Picture it and write – 109


Sculpture by Mark Newman

Alfonso, the 92 year old sculptor sat outside on a bench. His watery blue eyes had extra tears flowing down his cheeks.

He sat, staring at a small sculpture not bigger than one of his old hands. This sculpture took his memories way back to when he was only 28. It was summer. He was in a nostalgic mood. He had met this dainty young woman. She was breathtaking beautiful. Alfonso could see her as his model for a sculpture.

They decided to meet in his small studio. He made some drawings of her.  They started talking and had a wonderful time. He sculpting away, she telling him about her past. She also had the most wonderful voice and would sing while he was working.

After Alfonso finished the small sculpture she just disappeared. He never saw her again.

Now after many lonely years he still missed her. Alfonso only had this lovely artwork and his memories left. Very sad….

162 words

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Magic mirror : Picture it and Write



Look at me! I am  thin and well eaten. It is impossible to look like that in the mirror.

Still full and round without a scratch. There has to be something wrong!

I heard Ruth talking about a magic mirror. It can’t be. Ruth had been nibbling on me at least for an hour before putting me down in front of this mirror.

When I look at myself I am still in tact. I felt her biting, heard her chew and swallow, still I am whole! Impossible! Scary, now someone else can also bite and chew on me!

Dream on baby, I am going to turn myself brown so nobody would like me.

Wishful thinking! I still look uneaten in the mirror!

123 words

Lost and found : Picture it and Write

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Image found on Pinterest,

Betty was laying on her back. Arms and legs spread out, eyes closed. She was so tired. She had been walking in circles all day. There was no way out of the labyrinth of trees and shrubs.

“What must I do?” she thought, wondering how she was going to find her way out.

She breathed in and out, in and out. Calming down the exhaustion.

Betty could feel something or someone watching her. Slowly, she opened her eyes, just a little bit.. She looked up. Amazed she held her breath! Right above her, on a leave, she could see the tiniest toes and fingers. Also a tiny eye peeking back at her over the leaves edge. It was the smallest most perfect human figure Betty had ever seen. It started to wave its hand showing Betty to be quiet and follow it.

Betty was in total disbelieve.

She stood up held out her hand and a tiny fairy jumped onto her hand…….

166 words.


Picture it & Write : Pen it


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Pen it!

steampunk pens

Six pens

Six stories.

The six pens were neatly put together.

The auctioneer gave them one glance and thought:

“If these pens could each tell their own story. Each came from the same era. The same room. The same bottle of ink filled them up. Each one had a different hand to to sign the peace treaty. All six are bound together and should be sold  as one collection. I might start off with a $10 000.00!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, look at these pens. They are precious. They belong together. Each one has the name of a King or head of state engraved on it.

Let’s start with the bidding… $10 000, anyone? $11 000 I have……..”

It ended up and was bought by Sheik Ally for $100 000. Well done people and thank you.

Flowing colors. Picture it and write

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Creative Writing Exercise: Metallic Ink in Water

Original image by Alberto Seveso.


Softly flowing, moving, sideways, up and down.

Back from where it all started.

From the bottom upwards and sideways again.

Changing colors.

Green,  like unripe fruit, light and bright to dark myrtle green.

Changing to sea green turning into sky blue, indigo blue and then to peacock blue/green.

Softly flowing, moving, sideways, up and down.