Picture it and write: The key

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angel in the mirror

The prisoner looked up when he heard a soft flutter in the dark room. He could hardly open his swollen eyes.

A bright light shone on the opposite wall. He heard the rustle of wings. Slowly a white figure appeared. It was a most beautiful girl with angel wings. White as snow. She held a key in her hand. “I am leaving the key with you,” she whispered. On the lightened wall appeared a mirror with skulls on the side. The angle woman disappeared through the mirror leaving the key behind. The prisoner crept to the key. As soon as he picked it up he was lifted up by soft hands and taken through the mirror to a peaceful, far away field.


Picture it and write : Saved


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Slowly the lovely girl emerged from the waves. She struggled to keep herself upright like all the strange beings on the beach. Looking down at where her legs were supposed to be: No legs, no feet! Nothing to stand on!

Suddenly a wave pushed her up the shore and out of the water. What should she do? She could not run back into the water, only a tail and no legs to balance herself.

Suddenly one of the two-legged beings picked her up. It had a calming effect on her; it put her back into the waves. She was so afraid that she would not reach the water in time. This creature saved her life. “I’ll always be grateful to you. You are blessed,” whispered the mermaid in the stranger’s ear.


Upside down world. Picture it and write




“What is going on? Why am I not feeling anything? It feels as if I am in a vacuum!”

Katherine slowly opened her eyes. Quickly she shut them again.

“Oh, my head!” The sharp light made her shut her eyes for some time. Then she tried again, opening only one eye. “What is going on with me?” she asked herself again.

“Everything looks just so evasive, but wait!” Concentrating, looking through a little slit of her eye she saw something  unbelievable.

“Wow, that’s beautiful and so clear and bright. It looks as if I am looking at the world through a peephole.” She was so tired, she had to lie still with closed eyes again.

She tried the other eye and saw the same scene.

“Am I hallucinating? Why is everything upside down?  The clouds and sun can’t be under the voilage !”

Katherine passed out again.

The emergency team and police found her, unconscious, between the tall grass and vegetation. She could hear people talking to her. She wanted to ask them why she felt like this. She could not open her eyes again and she drifted off into the surrounding blackness.

“Katherine, Kathy can you hear me?” Katherine recognized the familiar voice of her best friend.

“Everything is okay, Kathy, you are save now. The police caught the people who did this to you.”  Katherine sank into a deep dreamless sleep, away from all the hurt.

239 words.

Picture it & write

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Time is running out!

All dressed up and ready for the wedding!

I wonder?

Here comes the organising sister again. I don’t have time to think about problems anymore. “What’s wrong?” I whispered. “We can’t get the music going! You have to help.”

I hate it, why can’t they think for themselves. I am so nervous and now I have to resolve another issue.

When is she coming? It is already 3:30pm. Thirty minutes late! I am sweating, do I still look good? This bow tie is very hot and I can’t breath.

Ah, something is happening now! Here they come at last.

Mother first, flower girls…… nothing……. waiting. Music  is playing now, father and my beautiful wife to be.

She took my arm and whispered softly: “They forgot to pick me up. I had to drive myself to church”

This made me smile and relax a bit.