School Stories: A Real game!

Three little girls playing with


This was during my morning Before School Care shift.

They started playing at 7.30 am

and could not stop playing when they had to go to their classes

at 8.30 am.

It was so good to see these girls playing together.

While they were playing one was watching “My little Pony”

on an iPad

The three older children were playing

“Minecraft” on the Play station.


It was cold and miserable outside.

School stories: Pompoms and bunnies

End of the first term. It was a good term. Lots of highlights. Before school is expanding day by day. After school not that many children as last year. We did a lot of swimming every afternoon while we could.

We made some pompoms.

We were supposed to make bunnies with them but

there wasn’t enough time to finish it off.

At the end, we had some colourful pompoms.




The big pompom was halfway successful.

It was a huge struggle to cut and tie it up.

Even the principal took a go at cutting through the string!


We also used toilet rolls to create




One created a tree with owls perching on the branches.

No photo, sorry! I forgot to take one.

Hope all of you have a good easter weekend!

School Stories: Skink and bicycles

Tuesday morning two children (brother and sister) found a skink on the concrete.

I picked it up and put it between the foliage.

I first had to give it to the boy so that he could feel how slippery it was.


I wonder what skink this could be?

Wicked wheels Wednesday.

Many bicycles!

All colourfully decorated.

School Stories: 2016 – last day

Wednesday, December 14, last Afterschool Care and  PARTY.

After the party, the children had to divide into groups and prepare a dance or act.

The director and judge starting the music.


The best act was these two girls.

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School Stories:Christmas at school

Arriving at school on Friday morning I was greeted by


I am the first one at school and

have to unlock the door and switch off the alarm.

This is how it looked in the office.

Year six children all dressed up.


School Stories: Hubcaps everywhere

Each child at school had to bring $2.50 for a hubcap.

Each child had to clean a hubcap so that they could paint it.

Curtis is one of my After school care children. He is only 5 years old and still very young for his group. He wanted to show me his painted hubcap.

Here he is looking for his hubcap


He said this is his and I took a photo.


He turned around and said it wasn’t his!

His was still on the bench because it had not dried yet.

He showed it to me and

as you can see he did an excellent job.


The end result!

Hubcaps on the fences.