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  • Creative Writing: Lucky

    Luck, believe Words: physical education, driving, funny event, believes, windows, luck One morning while I was in Secondary school(standard eight-year), the school bus struck a ditch on the side of the road and rolled over. Luckily, there were only mild injuries. The bus picked us up at the bus stop at six-thirty. We had a […]


  • Bouquet to say farewell-poroporoaki.

    My work as before and after school carer ended when New Zealand opened the school again while moving back at the beginning of phase two of isolation. The school (principal) presented me with this lovely bouquet and kind words. I feel sad about not seeing everybody anymore but I feel at ease because I know […]

  • Christmas presents with love.

    The end of the year always brings happiness and joy. Children at school look forward going on holiday. They also love to hand out little gifts to their teachers and to us, as carers. I appreciate every thank you, little card or present. This year I got a special cup. Another present is bowl with […]

  • Christmas dinner: Aston Norwood NZ

    Last night we had our end of year dinner at Aston Norwood gardens. Before dinner we did some archery and clay pigeon shooting. The weather wasn’t the best but we still did it.

  • School stories: Art and a mouse

    Before School Care had an artist in the form of an always busy(mischievous) six year old boy. He was so into building the octopus and shark that he didn’t want to pack up to go to his classroom. The afternoon I had a chat with one of the teachers. I asked her about the behavior […]

  • School Stories: Legos

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted something about the children at after school care. This is the work of Jesse a five year old boy. He has the best manners of all the children. Always: Please and thank you, and you are welcome.

  • School Stories: Term one 2019

    Fancy Feet Friday Flowers: Tracing around tiny hands, cut out and stick it onto pipe cleaners. Free drawing

  • School Stories: Completed books with own stories

    After six weeks of writing stories during the school’s Enrichment periods, each child had a book as an end product. The ages of the writers ranged between eight and ten. The students thoroughly enjoyed writing the stories.

  • School Stories: characters from loved books.

    The whole week was Library week or book week. Yesterday the children could go into the hall and pick as many books as they want. They had to bring there well read books to school and change them for once they haven’t read yet. Lots of books came in and many went out again yesterday. […]

  • A first time for me!

    What an experience! The first time in my ‘long’ life I went TEN PIN BOWLING The staff of the school had a lovely evening out. There were four teams of six. We thoroughly enjoyed the outing.  

  • School Stories: Wacky Wheels Wednesday Washed ‘way.

    Wednesday 28 March was supposed to be Wacky Wheels Wednesday. It had to be postponed, to the 5th April, due to bad weather. 5th April and Wacky Wheels day. One of my before school care girls and her bike. Ice cream car. Two decorated scooters.   I made some paper baskets for Easter eggs. We […]

  • Mother Nature-Train Of Thought: Week 06 This weeks prompt is MOTHER NATURE. You can’t fight nature. If mother nature decides to go this way humans can’t go against it. We, as humans keep on trying to change natures way without thinking about the consequences. My piece of writing happened in 2016. After the few horrific days, I’ve written it down as […]