School Stories: Enrichment Wednesday

Today was the day that the school’s students started the first of their six enrichment sessions.

They could choose one of the following workshops:

building, scrapbooking, origami, paper mache, Zumba, enviro-ness, cake decorating, stop motion,walking group, bushcraft/camping, computer programming for beginners, storytelling(with puppets), golf, baking, terrarium making.

I am doing the scrapbooking.

Here are the nine girls decorating  their front  cover.

(We are going to create a small album.)


School story: Haka and bugs

The children at school had been very busy this week.

Another school came for a visit and our children welcomed them with a haka.

Here they were rehearsing in front of the principal.

Activities at After School care.

Making lady bugs.

Some played table tennis and others

played on iPad


School Stories: Autumn sky

School started off with a big bang on Monday. All were back and ready for term two.

Wednesday afternoon I had an over full After School Care session! We are three carers and there is supposed to be ten children per carer. Wednesday we had forty-two children and cloudy rainy weather. Luck was on our side. The rain stopped and we could play outside for most of the afternoon.

The last child was picked up at 5:45pm. Long day for the children!

Thursday it rained the whole morning and drizzled on and of in the afternoon. There had been some flooding in Porirua, lucky for us it was on the other side of the hills.

Late afternoon the sky started to clear.

This is how it looked.

The last photo shows the patch where the fire burned a few weeks ago.

School Stories

Last Friday children had to decorate their shoes for a shoe parade.  The following shoe were Before Care School children’s shoes. Left hand is a first grader!

Today they are having a Scooter competition. All had to make up their scooters and bring them to school.

Here is one of my before school care girls. Also a starter. She was crying this morning because her balloons did not want to stay up in the air! She drew cat faces on the balloons last night. Had a hard time to get her over it. At the end, all went well and she was happy to go on.


Here is the other girl from the first graders  who also brought her scooter.


Lots of fun.