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  • Through my window: Snow?

    Last night was stormy with wind gusts over 100km an hour. Heavy showers on and off. Early morning there was silence. I got out of bed, opened the curtain, and this is what I saw. From the main house looking at the same bed and hills. I took Beatrix to school on foot. Flurries of […]


  • Wordless Wednesday: Tulips

  • Wordless Wednesday: 9:30 am Upper Hutt

  • Wordless Wednesday: First Cosmos

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  • Rainbow

    Saturday morning around 9 am this rainbow decorated the sky. No rain only clouds. We had no rain for at least three weeks. Saturday evening it rained on and of. Glad we got rain at last because the days were also sweltering hot.

  • Seasonal

    Debbie at TRAVEL WITH INTENT gives one word for this week SEASONAL. To join the challenge, please use pingback by putting a link in your post to the URL of this post, allowing others to have the opportunity to visit and join the challenge. And please use the OWS tag so that I can easily […]

  • Reaction on a sign.

    Around the Council building are well looked after gardens. There are benches, table and chairs for people to enjoy the lush and beauty of the surroundings. Behind the building I came across this sign. What did I find around the sign? Cigarette buds everywhere. Why are people so spiteful? There is a rubbish bin nearby. […]

  • 2020 Photo Challenge #22

    May’s theme / technique: It’s all about the Light This month’s final assignment – Experiment in different weather conditions such as mist or rain, OR take a photograph indoors such as a still life or light entering a room streaming through a window OR experiment in capturing the colour of light. Yesterday morning started of […]

  • Frost!

    Frosty and cold outside after 8 am when I opened my curtains. I’m glad I don’t need to go out early in the morning.

  • Perfect beauty

    I found this lovely Clematis in a nearby nursery.

  • Woordsnoer: Reën-reën-waar-is-jy?

    Reënsnoer Oom Paul Kruger se verjaardag, rysmiere wat skielik verskyn, die Piet-My-Vrou wat roep, die Bosveld visvanger se tjiep-tjirr, ‘n legio bygelowe gaan saam met die koms van die reën. Dis lekker, sulke vertellinge or bygelowe. Kom ons relaas oor die stories rondom die koms van die reën en die seën wat dit vir ons […]

  • A WOW sunrise

    7:30 am, I opened the curtains and saw this WOW sunrise.