Category: Sewing

  • Quilt: 2018 Mystery quilt

    2018 came and was gone before I had time to do the sewing every month. I thought it would help me to do the monthly Mystery quilt pieces. It did not work out. Everything went well for the first three months, the next three month also! That gave me six of the blocks. The last […]


  • Mystery Quilt 2018: Blocks 4, 5 and 6

    The holidays are nearly over and I’ve not done much on my to-do list. This morning I grabbed my sewing machine and in about two and a half hours I completed blocks four, five and six of 2018’s mystery quilt. Block Four Block five Block six I enjoyed sewing these blocks together. There are four […]

  • Baby Talk: Grandma made two books!

    At last, it took me more than six months before completing these two typical New Zealand books. One has numbers. (The numbers are also written in Maori) Also an A B C book. Bea starting to stand on her own. A SLIDE! How exciting.

  • Poncho ready for wearing!

    Finished poncho.

  • I met Kaffe Fassett last night

    Last night was an awesome night. My friend and I sat in the front row of the theatre¬†where Kaffe Fassett explained how and why he started his knitting and patchwork designs and patterns. He wore the same shirt as in the video clip.   It was a wonderful experience to hear him speak and look […]

  • Quilt piece/ month 5

    Quilt in the making. After this block only one left to finish the quilt next month! I had to cut 20 squares. Looking forward toe next month!

  • Quilt month 4. Poppy or Anzac quilt

    Block of the month no 4 had a lot of sewing. I completed the 36 blocks today. Pew was time consuming but it is done. These were the 4 different pieces of material I had to use. I had to cut 3″x 3″ squares Strips worked together to form the block. 36 blocks! This is […]

  • Quilt: block of the month, month 4

    I am ¬†bit late with this months block of the month. I picked it up a week ago. I cut it on Monday and started the sewing on Tuesday and did not finish it all. I thought I’ll finish it off on Wednesday but that did not happen. Millie my friends dog got hold of […]

  • Quilt : Block of the month no 3

    I visited the Sawmiller’s Quiltery to cut out month 3’s block of the month. There is also a quilt with white back ground.

  • Quilt month two: Poppy Quilt

    On the first of April I started my 6 month quilt. The first of May I received my second month block. I had to cut out a square for the middle block Now I have to wait till first of June to receive the third month’s instructions and material.