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  • Baby shower/stork party/ooievaars-tee

    Today was Stella, my daughter in law’s baby shower. The house was decorated in a wonderland of owls, toadstools, balloons and sweet treats. Pressies galore Stella enjoying opening the parcels. We made some elephants using towels. Baby cake! The mother to be.   A big thank you toStella’s mother and sister Melissa for organising this awesome shower. […]

  • Snow on the hills

    Yesterday the weather report said: Snow up to 400 metres. This morning it was rainy and icy cold. Just before 11am, the rain stopped a bit and the clouds lifted. The snow covered hills where I live.

  • Production line – Hard work

    Hard work? Not at all, but very time-consuming. Concentrating is also very important. Last weekend my son and I worked on an order of 100 raspberry pi boards. Visit the business blog for more information. We made  10 bundles halfway on Saturday, 10 on Sunday. Tuesday evening we finished all 20 off, ready to go […]

  • School Story: Science Expo

    Science expo for two days!  The children did a very good job of their experiments. I took the After School children in groups of four to have a look. The girls The boys Some Crystals

  • Poultry Show

    14+15 May 2016- Poultry Show, Upper Hutt, New Zealand There was a good variety of pigeons, ducks, chicken and some budgies. My husband loved rollers. We always had some. The ones on show reminded me about the rollers we had more than twenty  years ago.         Some pigeons on show. Some chickens […]

  • Photo Challenge: EARTH

    Fruit from the EARTH Left to right: quince and pear on the same tree, grapes, two different pumpkins. Wonderful earth around us.

  • Look who we saw on our walk!

    This afternoon Trompie and I went for our afternoon walk. We went up some stairs and over the hill to the other side of the hill from where we live. We haven’t done this roundfor  some time. I am so glad we did it. Never a dull moment while walking. Not only dogs, cats, birds,people […]

  • Fire Adventure

      FIRE on THE HILL On my way to the Afternoon After School Session yesterday, starting at  3 o’clock, there was a hustle and bustle of cars at the turnoff. A fire engine and firemen were busy with their water hoses extinguishing a fire at the bottom of the hill. The hill before the fire. […]

  • Share Your World – 2015-10-19: Week 42

    I had to share my world this week! This photo was taken late one afternoon when the rain cleared up a bit. This is how it looks from the front door at my son’s place. Share Your World – 2015 Week #42 The following questions are asked by Cee:  Are you usually late, early, or right […]

  • Depth : The Daily Post Photo Challenge

    DEPTH These are two photos taken at my friend’s place.  The first one is from the kitchen, through the side window. The second is just the opening cord of the blinds.


    TELEFOON   Wie onthou nog die TV reeks “Nommer Asseblief”? Ek wou vreeslik graag die kenwysie gespeel het maar dis bietjie voor die rekenaar en Youtube se tyd. Nicolas Louw  se “Nommer asseblief” moet maar doen. Hy gebruik n hedendagse telefoon. In 1960 het ons maplotters geword. Daarmee saam het die plaaslyn gekom. Ons was […]

  • Share Your World – 2015 Week #4

    Where did you live at age five?  Is it the same place or town you live now? As a 5 year old I lived with my parents in my grandparents home on the top floor. This was in Hilversum the Netherlands. I had two weeks on the ship the Waterman before my 6th birthday.  It […]