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  • Short story writing!

    Use a favourite colour and describe yourself without using the name of the colour. No more than 150 words. Here I go, what do you think of my description? Do you recognise the colour? Ineke Kruger owned an Opel Kadett the colour of ripe sweet strawberries. She wore a dazzling jacket the colour of a […]


  • Creative Writing: The ash tray

    I enrolled in a course on Creative writing. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Shaun Levin on Creative Writing for Beginners: Bringing Your Story to Life Here is the end result of my story. The copper Ash tray A sailboat from the past into the future, that’s my copper ashtray. The ashtray comes from Indonesia. A […]

  • Short Story writing course

    Last night I had the first of six hour sessions with Cat Conner at their  new bookshop. The shop opened on October 1, it is all about New Zealand books and writers. You my find more on the shop  and directors here : I was kind of excited but also a bit afraid of […]