Category: SL-Week photography

  • SL-Week 30: orange

    ORANGE   Sylvian Landry hosts this interesting Challenge. Hop over to see what you need to do SL-WEEK 30 : Orange  

  • SL-WEEK 24: Machine

    SEWING MACHINE My sewing machine which I use to make all my quilts. I also sewn many clothes on it. COFFEE MACHINE I went for a Barista course a year ago. We bought this coffee machine. It makes perfect coffee!

  • SL-Week 23: Narrow

    Narrow tunnel.  Wellington Cable Car and tunnel. Join in the fun. For more photos visit Sylvain says: This week I invite you to feel cramped, on the edge of claustrophobia, with pictures of places tiny, closed in on themselves, or who knows what else … The place can be oppressive or relaxing according your […]