A first time for me!

What an experience!

The first time in my ‘long’ life I went


The staff of the school had a lovely evening out. There were four teams of six. We thoroughly enjoyed the outing.


South Island visit and Soroptimist Conference of NZ Clubs

I had been looking forward to the Conference and to visit Nelson in the South Island of NZ since last year. The week before I had to go, I became ill with bronchitis. I still wasn’t well on the Friday of our departure. It was cloudy and the weather report expected rain during the weekend.

I had a wonderful weekend. My good friend and I stayed in a motel about ten minutes walk from the Conference centre. We walked the Friday evening to register and a get -together to meet other members.

From the motel doorstep.


I did not attend the Saturday morning session because it was raining and I did not want to get wet.

The conference goers were taken into Nelson city by double decker bus. Nelson is known for its Saturday market.


My friend and I had a good lunch before the afternoon session.

The afternoon session was interesting.

We had a formal dinner Saturday evening.


Sunday was time for proposed remits and round off of Conference.

Sad to say that our return home did not go as we had planned. We missed our flight! Lucky for us we got two seats on a charter flight.

Goodbye Nelson


Hello Wellington!

We were glad to be back that afternoon.

School Stories: Skink and bicycles

Tuesday morning two children (brother and sister) found a skink on the concrete.

I picked it up and put it between the foliage.

I first had to give it to the boy so that he could feel how slippery it was.


I wonder what skink this could be?

Wicked wheels Wednesday.

Many bicycles!

All colourfully decorated.

Baby shower/stork party/ooievaars-tee

Today was Stella, my daughter in law’s baby shower. The house was decorated in a wonderland of owls, toadstools, balloons and sweet treats.

Pressies galore


Stella enjoying opening the parcels.


We made some elephants using towels.

Baby cake!

The mother to be.


A big thank you toStella’s mother and sister Melissa for organising this awesome shower.




Excitement in the family

The last two weeks I have been working on my first handmade cardigan for my first grandchild which is due half December. It is going to be a  little girl. Today was the stork party/baby shower.




Wrapped up with  fresh flowers

from my garden.

One for mommy, one for daddy

one for baby in the middle

School Stories: Before School Care

Every morning Monday to Friday

before school starts at

7:30 am

Little ones (5-year-old) build

fences and cages for


They love to play and build.


Bigger girls make bracelets and other items like

fruit, hotdogs or bees using

loom bands.

Hard at work

Image result for loom bands nz


 Some are playing games on iPad


Poultry Show

14+15 May 2016- Poultry Show, Upper Hutt, New Zealand

There was a good variety of pigeons, ducks, chicken and some budgies.

My husband loved rollers. We always had some. The ones on show reminded me about the rollers we had more than twenty  years ago.





Some pigeons on show.

Some chickens

The top row middle photo shows a chicken which you can’t recognise the front from the back.

Eggs were also on display.

There was also a crafty competition

Use and decorate eggs.

Egg on the right is an ostrich egg shell.

Sharing food photos!

While I am on the topic of pizza and eating

I want to share some interesting NZ delicacies.

I bought some

paua fritters and

NZ hotdogs

while I had the Japanese student.

We decided not to get the fritters and hot dogs again!

My student also brought a small frying pan and utensils with her to bake Japanese Rolled eggs.

She gave these to me as present.

Then also some handkerchiefs as she calls them.

Family treasure discovered

This past week I went through some old papers of my parents.

I discovered two telegrams sent to my parents while they were travelling

to South Africa in 1952 on De Waterman

from the Netherlands.

The first one is a telegram from my grand parents

on February 18, 1952.

My fathers birthday.

gelukwense telegram 001

The next one is my treasure.

Congratulations from my grandparents on my 6 th birthday

Febuary 22, 1952!

gelukwense telegram