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  • Love is in Da Blog 2020 Day 13

    Today’s prompt is from Di at Pensitivity101 and is a “Love Song for a Parent”.  But you love me Daddy Your five year old faceIs a dirty disgraceBut you love me, daddyYou scatter your toysAnd you make too much noiseBut you love me, daddyYou know little ladYou can be pretty badBut you love me, daddyYou wake me […]


  • Love Is In Da Blog 2020 prompt for day 8

    A Song about love that lasts Please head over to Jim’s blog A Unique Title for me and say hello. You will find lots more music and most of all lots of information about musicians and songs. Brilliant! If he brings you happinessThen I wish you all the bestIt’s your happiness that matters most of allBut if […]

  • Afrikaanse Tokkel: Opwinding

    Dis 1988, Hoërskool Secunda se eenduisend tweehonderd jongmense gons van opwinding. Selfs die onderwysers het ‘n gevoel van opwindende afwagting. “Agter elke man” is n reeks, op SABC TV1, wat almal volg. Ons leef saam met elke karakter. Geliefde tant Stienie, met haar onderrok wat uithang, sigaret tussen die vingers. Al die drama met haar […]

  • Lê-Jou-Eier: Spookstories

    Waar is die dae van ware spookstories? Al Debbo en Jurie Ferreire vat my ver terug na my kleintyd.     Kyk net na die klere en haarstyl nie net van Al Debbo nie maar ook die kinders en volwassenes. Hul lyk heel uitgevat vir die okasie. Wat dink jy?     Om die inskrywings van […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter Y

    YESTERDAY     “Yesterday”, written entirely (or almost entirely– read on) by Paul McCartney, is either the most, or second most, recorded song of all-time. (Guinness World Records claimed it was the most, but this has been contested with others claiming George Gershwin’s 1935 “Summertime” is the true owner of that mantle.) Whatever the case, […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter X

    XYLOPHONE Xylophone made from wood horns and “kalbasse” Photo was taken in Zambia next to the Zambezi River on our way to the helicopter that took us over the Victoria Falls. 2005 The term xylophone may be used generally, to include all such instruments, such as the marimba, balafon and even the semantron. However, in the orchestra, […]

  • 100 Word Challenge for Grown ups – Week 162 : Puff the magic Dragon.

    Today’s 100 Word Challenge is about the following photo and what it brings to mind As a year one teacher I loved to do songs,rhymes and poems. Seeing these 4 bears going for the Teddy Bears Picnic, I thought back to Puff the Magic Dragon. It teaches children the love for animals, life and fantasy. […]

  • I have a dream – Westlife

    I listened to this I have a dream yesterday. It is so beautiful I thought I may as well share it with you. Abba is my favourite but this one is also very special

  • Autumn Leaves

    AUTUMN Usually June 1 is start of winter. Winter came a bit late Here are the last autumn leaves before they are all gone. This is also to remember my late mothers birthday June 06, 1919-2006