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  • Prolific: The Daily Post Photo Challenge PROLIFIC : (of a plant, animal, or person) producing much fruit or foliage or many offspring. This time of year Feijoas give a prolific fruit harvest. I love them! The fruit matures in autumn and is green, and about the size and shape of an egg. It has a sweet, aromatic flavour. The flesh is juicy. The fruit […]

  • Serene: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

    Ben Huberman says: This week, share a visual moment of blissful quiet. Sunset over my place.  Photo of wild chestnut tree flower which stands on the school ground, huge and serene. Anne Frank Tree[edit] A famous specimen of the horse-chestnut was the Anne Frank Tree in the centre of Amsterdam, which she mentioned in her diary […]

  • Rounded: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

    ROUNDED Goodbye, straight lines. Hello, curves. This week, share your take on “rounded.” it’s a broad theme, so I look forward to your personal interpretations, whether you choose to focus on a curving street, limbs caught mid-way through a dance, a bowl of fruit (think of all the round shapes!), or any other object, landscape, […]

  • Windows: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

    Windows What do you see through yours?   Outside the bedroom window, my camera and I and the trees behind me.      

  • Layered: The Daily Post Photo Challange.

    This week, let’s explore the interplay of texture and depth. This week, share with us a layered image of your own. The topic is wide open, as long as you focus on the interplay of depth, density, and texture (or just choose one of these elements if you’d like). Strata of clouds, a shirt collar […]

  • Waiting: The Daily Post Photo Challange

    Waiting for the rain to lift so that the Spring Festival in Upper Hutt could be dry this year. It did not happen. Year after year we got rain and cold winds. Waiting for better weather did not help. I had a Soroptimist business meeting 10 am Saturday morning. I took the photo from the window where […]

  • Structure: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

    This week, share with us the structure of something typically overlooked. More info about the challenge: STRUCTURE 3. a complex system considered from the point of view of the whole rather than of any single part: the structure of modern science. 4. anything composed of parts arranged together in some way; an organization. Structure | Define […]

  • Textures: The daily Post Photo Challenge

    Ben Huberman at: says: Photography is a primarily visual medium, but we can experience it with more than one sense. This week, focus on the tactile element of the objects you shoot, whether it’s one distinct quality — softness, smoothness, graininess, or any other texture you find interesting — or a combination of several within […]

  • Satisfaction: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

    This week, share a photo of something that brings you satisfaction. It can be monumental, minor, or something in between. Hop over to The Daily post and see more ideas on satisfaction. Taking photos gives me a lot of satisfaction especially when the photos are special like the following ones: I think this is […]

  • Unusual: The Daily Post, photo challenge

    Guest host Lignum Draco asks us to experiment with something unusual. For extra information click the following link: UNUSUAL Two months ago I held a very unusual object in my hand. I also had the opportunity to hang it around my neck to feel how it feels. Mary Fisher our own Upper Hutt, New […]

  • Collage: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

    Interesting challenge! For more information click on the next link: COLLAGE A collection of photos from the past!  

  • Bridges: The Daily Post; Photo Challenge

    Bridge Think about the things, places, or people that connect us. What’s your take?   Footbridge over railway, Lower Hutt     If you’re gonna let me down, let me down gently Don’t pretend that you don’t want me Our love ain’t water under the bridge If you’re gonna let me down, let me […]