Another Bea and Ouma week-end.

Guess what Bea sees?


Next door is a dog who climbs onto her “dog house”.

Her name is Zena.

Bea stands on the windowsill (with me holding her).

She loves to watch Zena because she barks from there.

Zena watching.


Bea and “…. no hats!”

Before Bea’s birth I crocheted this frog hat.

Now after more than a year I wanted to take photos of her wearing it.

No matter what you try

She just does not like anything on her head.

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Baby Talk: Whohaa I can eat on my own!

I did some babysitting yesterday.

Bea shared the following with me!

After her parents were gone Bea

kept turning away from me.

I took the two material books out of my handbag.

She loved them!

The one with the numbers was her favourite.

Do you think I should change Baby Talk

to Toddler Walk?

(she is near to walking now!)