Mystery Quilt 2018 in the making.

Mystery Quilt

Last year I decided to do a mystery quilt again this year(2018) I picked my colours, a strange combination! I wonder how it will look at the end?

The colours!


I did not do any sewing after receiving the first block in February. We are now in April. I have three blocks to make before no four arrives next week.

The holidays came and are nearly gone.  I took out my sewing machine. Put it on the table and thought maybe the machine would do the sewing without me. I wish! I put the machine away again.

Only one day and the weekend and the school starts on Monday for the winter term. Yesterday I decided – now or never.

First block x4


Second block 4x


Third block x8


Quilt month 4. Poppy or Anzac quilt

Block of the month no 4 had a lot of sewing.

I completed the 36 blocks today.

Pew was time consuming but it is done.

These were the 4 different pieces of material I had to use.

Two purple, two green
Two purple, two green

I had to cut 3″x 3″ squares


Strips worked together to form the block.

36 blocks!

Sewn together
Sewn together

This is how it looks so far. Only one block more!