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  • Last on the card- August 2021

    Last Photo for August 2021 The rules are simple:1. Post the last photo on your SD card or last photo on your phone for the 31st August.2. No editing – who cares if it is out of focus, not framed as you would like or the subject matter didn’t cooperate.3. You don’t have to have […]


  • 2020 Photo Challenge #40 Seascapes

    Heyjude at says If you would like to join in with the 2020 photo challenge then please take a look at my 2020 Photo Challenge page. No complicated rules, just a camera required  This week’s assignment – try and capture something unique or something ordinary but in an unique way

  • No rain coat.

    Last week we had rough weather. Rain, wind, sunshine, frost, snow. You name it we had it. One afternoon when I had to pick Bea up from Kindy it was raining. I didn’t have Bea’s rain coat in the car. I brought my rain jacket and Bea enjoyed wearing it.

  • Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: All in a row

    Friendly Friday Weekly Prompt The prompt for this week is ‘All in a Row‘ Bloggers have until next Thursday to publish a post relating to the prompt, with a link back to Something to Ponder About. Click here to take you to the Friendly Friday Instructions Page. BALLS in a ROW

  • Flowering Wisteria

    I am very proud to announce that my Wisteria has got flowers this year! I am living here since 2010. The poor Wisteria was cut down to the ground when I moved in. I did not cut it since 2010, and it became a better-grown climber. At the other side of my back fence, where […]

  • (Extra)ordinary clouds : The daily Post : Photo Challenge

    The sky was very blue and this cloud was extra white! It looks like a big fish mouth! What do you think? https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/extraordinary/

  • Feel like Spring? Some spring flowers

    I am just in the mood for sharing some Spring photos. Flowers give the the most feeling of spring. I took these photos just now!

  • Half and Half : The Daily Post Photo Challenge

    Click on the link to see what it is all about: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/half-and-half/ HALF and HALF Half blue, half green

  • Photo 101, Day eleven : A pop of color

    Today, pay attention to how color affects your images. Experiment with one color, and think about how to feature it prominently. Today’s Tip: As you train your eye to look for color, keep it simple: Choose one bold color against a neutral background, instead of several colors competing for attention in a scene. Look for […]

  • Hats : Travel Theme

    Aren’t hats fabulous? I think the world would be a much better place if we all wore hats more often. Are you ready to throw your hat into the ring with your own interpretation of this week’s theme? If you would like to join in (everyone’s welcome!) That is what Ailsa says at http://wheresmybackpack.com/2015/05/15/travel-theme-hats/ HATS A tam […]

  • Silent Sunday: Corn flower

  • Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Catching people unaware.

    During my visit at the Summer Festival in Upper Hutt I photographed some people without them knowing. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Catching People Unaware