A Photo a Week Challenge: Shades of Pink.


Shades of Pink


Cee’s Black&White Photos:Heads or Faces



This week’s Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge (CB&W) topic is Heads or Facial Features (human or animal).

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Heads or Facial Features (human or animal)

Scare-cat! Monday Finish the Story – October 12, 2015

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Thank you Barbara for hosting this Challenge every Monday!

Finish the story begins with:  “Now this is living the life of Riley.”

Oscar the cat thought that morning.

Last night was very adventurous. When the clock struck 12 pm Oscar quietly sneaked out of his cozy bed, through the cat door and into the lovely night.

He jumped onto the neighbour’s fence and stretched himself.At first his lady friend Kitty came to sit next to him. They had ten minutes of pure bliss, looking at the full moon.

Suddenly the atmosphere became tense.

Next to Oscar appeared the face of his enemy.


Oscar turned on him with all his strength! Meowing, scratching and tackling the intruder. It was a scary few moments in the bright moonlight.

Then, whoosh boom!  A slipper landed on Scare-cat, off he sped. Kitty was also gone.

What a night!

The next day Oscar had his easy and pleasant life back, before the next nightly  adventure.

Mondays Finish the Story


Cat scare … Mondays Finish the story July 27, 2015



and read what it is about and enjoy. Thanks to http://salmonfishingqueen.wordpress.com/ for hosting these wonderful challenges.

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with:  “He thought he found the perfect hiding spot.”

He thought he found the perfect hiding spot.Body as quiet as a mouse.Eyes closed. Breathe in breathe out, in, out…. Opening his eyes gave him a shock.

What is going on? His eyes widened and glowed through the curtain like flames. He could see the shadow coming nearer and nearer. Quiet now, don’t move! One second and he could jump out of hiding.

I took the feather duster and touched Kitties foot sticking out without him knowing it. The sudden touch scared Kitty, he went up the curtain in a flash. Reaching the top of the curtain rail he came tumbling down right into my arms. “What happened Kitty? Did you get a fright? Poor Kitty, just feel your heart beating. Calm down!”

Kitty did not go near that spot for a long time.

Rule of Thirds: The Daily Post: Photo Challenge

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Which one do you think is the best one?

Animals on the farm. Gratitude Project

What have you been grateful for this week?

That is what Colline at http://collinesblog.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/grateful-for-a-new-classroom/    asks every week.

Processed with Rookie

I am grateful to have a friend that lives on a small holding.

I am interested in photographing pets and animals.

My friend has a variety of animals.

During the week I had a feast taking photos of the special animals.

Grateful, I am for sure for the opportunity.

Cleo the donkey


Scarlet, Cleo’s mother


Bella the pot belly pig


Twin lambs



Mother sheep


Sonny the rescue Greyhound


And last but not the least

Snoopy the cat



My dear friend and the friendly cat Snoopy.

Hope you enjoyed joining me on my outing.