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  • Lovely day and three paintings.

    Now that we are in lockdown up to Tuesday I had a good time doing some water color painting. I started off with the Bear, while waiting for it to dry, I painted two kitties. When the bear was dry I finished it off. In the meantime Mr. Fox was still waiting to get his […]

  • Silent Sunday: More loose paintings.

  • Creative Writing: Dogs/cats

    Dogs/animals Words: teacher, sad time, discipline, horses, insects, craft (2015 Saying goodbye to Kiki) As everybody knows, I am a dog fanatic! I am not into horses; that is why I changed horses to dogs. I have undertaken a lot of house-sitting looking after families pets and places. I won’t undertake the house sitting if […]


  • Children writing Stories 2: Elisa’s two stories

      A boring day out. You know, these days when my Mum says:“We’re on a day out!” Well, the places we visit are past boring. We go to parks or KMart to get some new clothes for Mum. It’s not like other kids. They go to water parks or hangdog. They are very fortunate. Today […]

  • Blogging for A-Z: Letter D

    DONKEY DEVIL DRUGS Donkey/ Donkie   DEVIL/ DUIWEL I took this while I was walking my dog! Next letter : 5 April  E More “D”s https://hesterleynel.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/d-duh/ https://toortsie.wordpress.com/2016/04/04/d-staan-vir-deur/ D…