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  • School Stories: Do you recognise the dog?

    The second term is gone. Half year reports have been handed out. Some are excited to come back next term. Some don’t feel that good! The last three weeks of the term in the Before School Class we tried our hands at making dogs using a toilet roll six egg holder cups and some string, cotton, […]

  • School Stories: Wig Wednesday

    Today was Wig Wednesday for Kids Cancer. The children had to wear a wig or do something with their hair and bring a coin to school for KidsCan. Before school children. The school collected $200.00 today. The whole school all dressed up! For more information please click the following link  https://wigwednesday.childcancer.org.nz/

  • School Stories: A Real game!

    Three little girls playing with REAL TOYS. This was during my morning Before School Care shift. They started playing at 7.30 am and could not stop playing when they had to go to their classes at 8.30 am. It was so good to see these girls playing together. While they were playing one was watching […]

  • School stories: Pompoms and bunnies

    End of the first term. It was a good term. Lots of highlights. Before school is expanding day by day. After school not that many children as last year. We did a lot of swimming every afternoon while we could. We made some pompoms. We were supposed to make bunnies with them but there wasn’t enough […]

  • School Stories: Skink and bicycles

    Tuesday morning two children (brother and sister) found a skink on the concrete. I picked it up and put it between the foliage. I first had to give it to the boy so that he could feel how slippery it was. I wonder what skink this could be? Wicked wheels Wednesday. Many bicycles! All colourfully decorated.

  • School Stories:Christmas at school

    Arriving at school on Friday morning I was greeted by I am the first one at school and have to unlock the door and switch off the alarm. This is how it looked in the office. Year six children all dressed up.

  • School Stories: Library week & Roald Dahl dress-up.

    The whole week was library week at school. Today(Friday) all had to dress up like characters from Roald Dahl’s stories.   Grandma Georgina DESCRIPTION There she was again, the same cantankerous grumbling old Grandma Georgina that Charlie had known so well before it all started. Veruca Salt DESCRIPTION The lucky person was a small girl […]

  • School Stories: Enrichment Wednesday

    Today was the day that the school’s students started the first of their six enrichment sessions. They could choose one of the following workshops: building, scrapbooking, origami, paper mache, Zumba, enviro-ness, cake decorating, stop motion,walking group, bushcraft/camping, computer programming for beginners, storytelling(with puppets), golf, baking, terrarium making. I am doing the scrapbooking. Here are the […]

  • School story: Haka and bugs

    The children at school had been very busy this week. Another school came for a visit and our children welcomed them with a haka. Here they were rehearsing in front of the principal. Activities at After School care. Making lady bugs. Some played table tennis and others played on iPad

  • School Stories: Wacky Hair Friday

    I really enjoy my time at school immensely. There is never a dull moment when children are around you. Today is WACKY HAIR FRIDAY    

  • School Stories

    Last Friday children had to decorate their shoes for a shoe parade.  The following shoe were Before Care School children’s shoes. Left hand is a first grader! Today they are having a Scooter competition. All had to make up their scooters and bring them to school. Here is one of my before school care girls. Also […]

  • Grateful for loving children

        I am grateful for the opportunity to do some before and after school care. The children crept into my heart from the first day. The school closed on Tuesday for the summer holidays. I received some small presents from some of the children and also from the school itself. I am very grateful […]