Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Inspiration

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This weeks prompt is: INSPIRATION

New Zealand Christmas tree

On my daily walks, just after New Year, I discovered this NZ Christmas tree. It’s the first time I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I was inspired by the look and beauty of the”bush” and its bright red blooms. It gave me INSPIRATION to know that nature is still thriving.

Does anyone know if this is a Rata or Pohutukawa “bush”?

Merry Christmas

I had a wonderful Christmas lunch with Bea and her parents.

Waiting for the presents
That’s yours Daddy!

Kiss for my new soft, cuddly bear blanket.

Last Christmas together 2004



This was the last Christmas we were all together. My son left for New Zealand July 2005 and my mother passed away in July 2006. I am glad that I have this photo to look at when starting the festive season.

I am privileged to live in New Zealand since 2009. Also near my only son and his lovely family.

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School Stories:Christmas at school

Arriving at school on Friday morning I was greeted by


I am the first one at school and

have to unlock the door and switch off the alarm.

This is how it looked in the office.

Year six children all dressed up.


Grateful for loving children



I am grateful for the opportunity to do some before and after school care.

The children crept into my heart from the first day. The school closed on Tuesday for the summer holidays. I received some small presents from some of the children and also from the school itself.

I am very grateful to be healthy and strong enough to do this caring.


This is a basket made from material which can be used as a place-mat.

It was filled with chocolate covered toffees(From Australia Said the boy who gave it to me.


A lovely tiny girl gave the following to me.

Choc chip cookies in a bottle!


All the dry ingredients are in the bottle.

I only need to add eggs and milk and

bake it in the oven.

Secret Santa gave me the following:

Coffee cup filled with chocolate and

some Manuka honey lip balm.


I also won the raffle during the Soroptimist meeting

last Thursday.


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Grateful for Teaching Resource

Christmas lunch!

At last I have some Christmas photos!

A very lovely lady and good friend invited me for the Christmas lunch with her and her family.

During the week I asked what time they are going to start.

About 2-ish was the answer.

From about 12 I was sitting waiting for 2 o’clock.

1 o’clock the phone rang:

Are you still coming?

was the question!

I was supposed to be there at twelve.

In a hurry I got dressed.

Off I went!

I thoroughly enjoyed the time together.

All were already eating, I still could take some photos of the food.

Potatoes, kumaro, parsnip, pumpkin baked
Potatoes, kumaro, parsnip, pumpkin baked

fresh peas, baby marrow fresh from the garden
fresh peas, baby marrow fresh from the garden

I forgot to take a photo of the chicken and beef!

The sweetness afterwards was delicious.

Christmas pudding
Christmas pudding

Pavlova! Yummy!
Pavlova! Yummy!

Bowl with fresh fruit in juicy sauce
Bowl with fresh fruit in juicy sauce also was ice cream

We also had ice-cream and trifle with cream.

Wonderful meal!

It was an awesome time with my friend.

I am grateful to have friends like these!

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Grateful for a Friend’s Visit