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  • Reaction on a sign.

    Around the Council building are well looked after gardens. There are benches, table and chairs for people to enjoy the lush and beauty of the surroundings. Behind the building I came across this sign. What did I find around the sign? Cigarette buds everywhere. Why are people so spiteful? There is a rubbish bin nearby. […]


  • New: Maandag=Wasdag 32: Tande

    The new theme for Maandag=Wasdag is TANDE= Teeth. Please Click on the link and it will take you to the Afrikaans post.

  • Groceries delivered today

    I am privileged to be one of the over 70s to whom groceries may be delivered. As a person over seventy, it is better to stay home, away from shops and people. Sunday, I went online and ordered my groceries. The shop warned that it could take up to two weeks before it could be […]

  • School stories: Conservation week.

    Show your backyards some love this Conservation Week. Get involved in protecting, growing, nurturing and caring for our nature. http://www.doc.govt.nz/news/events/conservation-week/about-conservation-week/ Today four classes went out into the community around the school to pick up the rubbish along the roads. The other three classes cleaned up the school grounds and nearby property borderlines. Rubbish picked up at […]