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  • Travel words – The world in colours: RED

    Heyjude at https://traveltalk.me.uk/2021/08/15/life-in-colour-23/ says: To find out more about this year’s photo challenge here on Travel Words, please read this post. This month we will be looking for red. One of the primary colours, red often indicates danger. It is pure energy, loud, demanding to be seen. Think of a red ladybird, a red rose, autumn leaves and a […]


  • Bea and a present

    On Saturday Daddy was baby sitting the two girls. I went for a cup of tea and with a present for Bea. She was excited to open the present.

  • School Stories: 2016 – last day

    Wednesday, December 14, last Afterschool Care and  PARTY. After the party, the children had to divide into groups and prepare a dance or act. The director and judge starting the music. The best act was these two girls.